Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Gorephilia - In Death

Gorephilia - In Death (demo CDR 2010)
I bought this demo CDr without any knowledge about the band, simply due to the fact they're Finnish and supposedly play old school death metal. So I gave them a chance and can say now that I definitely don't regret paying for this demo and spending some time listening to it, as for sure it's one of the most solid and brutal bands I've heard recently. Good purchase it was and cool, limited item that joined my collection.

There are just three songs here, which may not be that much, but the amount of energy and aggression they bring is enough for me to fully enjoy "In Death". Each track is like a fuckin bulldozer, destroying everything it finds on its way, leaving only the ruins behind. I must say that I expected some sort of traditional Finnish death metal, inspired by this country's legendary acts like Disgrace, Demilich, Funebre or Demigod. And maybe there are some similarities to them - especially in the dark, eerie atmosphere, but the biggest similarity of Gorephilia's music is to Incantation I think and also Dead Congregation, with few resemblances to Immolation, Goreaphobia, early Vital Remains and Morbid Angel. And yes, Gorephilia is not the most groundbreaking band ever; their music is pretty much typical for this style of massive, mostly mid paced and damn brutal and dark death metal, with guttural vocals and slaughtering riffs. But the truth is that personally I think all three songs from "In Death" are more than just solid and far from being mediocre. Those Finns have picked up some killer riffs, composed them into solid structures and so in the end we get great demo, which puts a great foundation for the future. I like "Planet Size Mass Grave" especially, this song has everything, from fast riffings and almost doomy, heavy stuff to one melodic, almost Swedish sounding part. And the lyric: "All life has ceased to exist upon the earth. A planet-sized mass grave for the human race" is more than intriguing. Shit, this is why I like this demo a lot. Keep an eye on Gorephillia and make sure you get this demo straight away! Support!
Final rate: 85 / 100

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