Monday, 10 December 2012

Miasmal - Miasmal demo LP

MIASMAL - Miasmal (DETEST Records - demo 12"LP 2009)
I’ve been chasing this LP version of Miasmal demo ever since I unfortunately missed the chance to get the cassette, so I was really pleased once I found a copy at the Detest Records headquarters. I quickly gave my order and I can say I was very lucky, as nowadays this LP is sought after a lot, while back then the hype for old school death metal and Detest Records releases wasn’t yet quite as big as it is nowadays. I must say that when I listen to “Miasmal” demo I feel very enthusiastic about the music of this Swedish band as it sounds incredibly vital and bursts with aggression and energy, and with the feeling and passion for the old styled, classic Swedish death metal.
The demo catches my attention right from the first, quite melodic opening theme of “Abduction of the Soul”, definitely my favourite track from the whole demo. The sound is just crushing, with excellent guitar tone and killer, more raspy than guttural vocals. But musically it is just perfect. I mean the riffing in the first song, which I already mentioned, is as killer as it is catchy and memorable, and at the same time it is deliciously infectious, aggressive and lively. And then “Kallocain” begins with pure Autopsy worship kind of slower, amazingly creepy riff – and I feel beaten to death. OK, the song does speed up once this opening theme is over, into that sort of playing, which made me really love such acts like Maim, Bombs of Hades, Morbus Chron or Death Breath – based in the Swedish death metal, but rooted also in punk or whatever you call it. It is absolutely beautiful and let me just say that when I played side A with these two songs I kept repeating these tracks several times, as I just couldn’t stop listening to them, forgetting that there are also two more songs on side B. But you know, side A sounds so damn perfect that I couldn’t take them out of my head. The sound of horror is on!
OK, but let’s change the side to the B, otherwise I’m afraid I would scratch the surface of the record too much! And arrghhhhh!!!! Miasmal doesn’t fuckin disappoint!!!!!!! The following two songs shred as much as those from side A did, and I especially liked “Apocalypse Legion”, which just nailed me to the ground with the excellent riffing (oh, that awesome melodic theme sounds awesome, before the insane guitar solo will reap your guts out!) and punching, relentless rhythm. I just have nothing more to add, just need to pick up my teeth, survive the neckache and play it once more. Definitely I can say that Miasmal’s demo 2008 (yeah, not 1988!!) belongs to the most possessing and killer releases, which this planet has witnessed in the past two decades. It is a mystery to me, why did we had to wait so long for such amazing bands to pop up again, since the times, when Repugnant, Kaamos and Verminous have been spawned. It is absolutely mandatory stuff, I mean it!
Standout tracks: “Abduction of the Soul”, “Kallocain”
Final rate: 96/100

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