Monday, 3 December 2012

Coffin Texts - The Tomb of the Infinite Ritual

COFFIN TEXTS - The Tomb of the Infinite Ritual (BLOOD HARVEST - LP 2012)

Arrghhhhhh!!!!! I have nothing else to do, but just scream in ecstasy, as some truly amazing and killer sounds are coming out from the speakers of my stereo. It is the second full length album of American tomb crushing combo called Coffin Texts, “The Tomb of the Infinite Ritual”, which I finally managed to obtain on vinyl! Well, I was also very excited once I have played and listened to the previous LP of the band, called “Gods of Creation, Death & Afterlife”, but I see this new album as something even more lethal and devastating than the debut. Man, if you don’t know it yet, this may actually be one of the most deadliest and brilliant death metal albums in the recent years, so open your eyes on it, purchase a copy and let those sounds tear your guts and crush your body!
I think I can say that already the opening theme for “To Manifest” has done the job and crushed me into one, big pile of guts, blood and shit. Only shreds remained, so brilliant is this opening track, so damn vicious and so perfectly crafted. One thing I instantly recognised and loved about it is its darkened and morbid atmosphere, which reminds me my favourite death metal LP of all times, namely from “Altars of Madness”. Really, Coffin Texts, even though musically are not necessarily 100% close to the ancient Morbid Angel, developed a very similar mood in their music. Maybe it’s thanks to the production, which is quite similar, especially that killer guitar tone? Or maybe it’s because the vocals of Robert Cardenas sound so damn close to the good, old master of ghouls, David Vincent? Anyway, I fuckin love it and can truly admit that it just cannot be any better than this! Musically it is like a combination of the ferocity from Angel Corpse with the mood and some more atmospheric bits resemble to the mentioned Morbid album… well, say whatever you want, but in my opinion with such anthems as “To Manifest” Coffin Texts just fuckin rules the netherworld of death metal!!!!!! Hail!
But “To Manifest” is only the beginning of the very exciting and killer album. All in all “The Tomb of the Infinite Ritual” contains seven songs with nearly 38 minutes of death metal slaughter and believe me, not even for the single second Coffin Texts makes it sound weaker. Think of those two bands that I mentioned earlier, think also of Sadistic Intent, Vital Remains or the almighty old Possessed… think of the obscure, fast, brutal, but definitely old school sounding death metal. Its name is Coffin Texts. I just cannot resist to such songs as “Final Transformation” (probably the best track from the LP???), which is so devastatingly fast, so utterly ferocious that the walls crack and the howling voice of Robert is just crushing. But really, every band member has performed perfectly on this LP, the drummer Emilio Marquez sounds like the octopussy Lovecraftian beast with four arms behind his drumkit, so great is the drumming. And the riffs of Richard Gonzalez are just perfect. I love such kind of playing, with so many amazing memorable riffs, where it seems like every next part is just better than the previous one. In the end it is just impossible not to bang your head in frenzy and play the LP as loud as you can. This is what I fuckin call a death metal masterpiece. And in my honest opinion “The Tomb of the Infinite Ritual” belongs to those albums, which must be remembered for ages and deserve to be included in the DEATH META CLASSICS box. I know the consequences of this saying, especially as nowadays everyone has his own cult releases and basically all the best of this genre has been done two decades ago. But in my opinion “The Tomb of the Infinite Ritual” is just as amazing as the best classic death metal albums from that time. Very fuckin impressive, very fuckin recommended!
“My remains are placed in darkness…”.
Standout tracks: “Final Transformation”, “To Manifest”, “Divination”
Final rate: 98/100

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