Friday, 14 December 2012

Negatron - Tenebre

Do you remember Evol? Negatron is a new band of some ex Evol members, like Samael of Martin (then Lord of Sorrow). But to be honest personally I’ve never been a fan of music, which Evol performed. For me it was more like Hollywood gothic horror crap rather than black metal, which I would enjoy listening to, so the fact that Negatron features some ex members of Evol does not impress me at all. Besides, I just spent some time with “Tenebre”, Negatron’s debut CD, and I can honestly say that I can barely stand the music from it; it is just one of the weakest full length materials, which I have listened to recently.
Musically Negatron combines the styles of black metal with doom and maybe with a small touch of gothic and maybe even death metal or whatever, so this is quite weird hybrid. There are actually few decent riffs here and there, but the truth is that as the whole I can say that there’s more stuff on this CD, which would bore me to death or annoy me rather than interest. This kind of playing is definitely not my cup of tea and on top of that one thing, which really pisses me off on “Tenebre” and disqualify this album straight away are the main male vocals. Shit, I just totally don’t like such screaming type of singing and sorry to say, but not only it sounds shit, but also I feel like it doesn’t really fit to the Negatron music so much. Obviously the band won’t agree and that’s fair, as this is their music and their idea for it, no one will tell them what to do, but that works both ways – no one will tell me what should I like or not. And I can definitely say that those vocals are fuckin crap. Hm, they almost sound like those modern core types of screams, so my negation (hehe) for them is even bigger.
At times I also just couldn’t understand if the band actually knows what music they wanna play. I mean there are several parts, when they get close to that gothic doom black metal tag, so they use the keyboards, there are some female vocals included also… Plus the atmosphere gets darker and is like from the cheap gothic horror. But then there are also songs, which are just completely different and like from a different musical planet, more aggressive, technical and like I said, more death / thrash with that hilariously annoying vocal performance of Mr. Alex Kain. So it feels like I was listening to a compilation, rather than a conceptual, complete full length album of one band. But to be honest, I also don’t care at all about it, as none of the songs from “Tenebre” impressed me and as the whole I can say that the album is boring and crap. If they could only create more involving atmosphere of horror, then I might have enjoyed it at least a little… but no. Even if there are few parts, which I liked, the whole album is just a complete failure. And that is surprising, knowing that each band member has been involved in bands for years and that includes such names as Evol. Well, who cares… Evol was nothing more, but a trash and Negatron also is. The riffing is shit, the compositions and song structures are also dull… Fuck, who cares… I don’t, I’m not gonna waste any more time for this. Luckily I can say that “Tenebre” is limited to something like 300 copies, so the devastation of metal maniacs won’t be too big and only few of you will have this unpleasure to deal with such boring and ineffective album like “Tenebre”.
Final rate: 40/100

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