Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Doombringer / Goat Tyrant - The Darkside's Calling Into the Crypts of Oblivion

DOOMBRINGER / GOAT TYRANR - The Darkside's Calling Into the Crypts of Oblivion (GRAVE RITUAL Prod - Split 7"EP 2012)
“…Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful…” Bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeergghhh! Sorry, I just puked, because it’s time for another so called fuckin shitmass and everywhere I go I can hear all those stupid carols or another crap and I see people running in frenzy for their shitmass gifts, etc. If you feel the hatred for all that then maybe some appropriately obscure and odious death metal will cheer you up hehe? Something what would really be a feast for your soul and fire your hatred? “The Darkside's Calling Into the Crypts of Oblivion” is my recommendation for tonight; a killer split release of two Polish bands: Doombringer and Goat Tyrant.
Doombringer was the main reason why I decided to purchase this spit 7”EP. Once I’ve listened to the previous release of this band, which was the single titled “Sevenfold Pestilence” I felt like this is one of the most obscure and morbid, promising Polish death / black metal bands and one, which easily can compete with such European and well established hordes as Grave Miasma, Teitanblood or Necros Christos. I completed my collection of Doombringer releases with the “Ancient Abominations” demo compilation CD and now also with this split with Goat Tyrant. And the song, which Doombringer has prepared for “The Darkside's Calling Into the Crypts of Oblivion” do not disappoint and punches right into the guts, ripping them out without mercy. The atmosphere – dark, sinister and utterly evil – is the main thing, for which one should listen to Doombringer. It will overwhelm you. But “Crypts of Oblivion” also offers truly killer riffs, mainly played in almost doomy death metal tempos, but with few moments, when the pace fastens a bit into mid tempo… It really is heavy as hell and I can say that “Crypts of Oblivion” is definitely one of Doombringer’s best songs, which I have listened to so far. I love the sound of it also (raw, filthy, cryptic, but don’t worry, it is not chaotic when you have no idea what the band plays)… so I just have nothing to complain about, it is awesome.
Meanwhile Goat Tyrant is a band, which I have heard about a lot, I had a chance to read some interviews with them, but never bothered to check any of their demos; for no reason, really. I knew that sooner or later I’ll have a chance to listen to their music anyway… And this opportunity came with “The Darkside's Calling Into the Crypts of Oblivion”. Well, music wise Goat Tyrant is very different to Doombringer – and I must say that I prefer “Crypts of Oblivion” over “The Darkside’s Calling”… but I don’t necessarily mean Goat Tyrant is not good. Actually the band is very fine, their thrashing death metal kicks ass, the riffing is really cool, but also archaic and savage in the way that it can push many listeners off. Especially as the production of “The Darkside’s Calling” is very, very harsh and primitive, so the whole stuff sounds like a rehearsal recording… Personally I liked the song, but also I think it could have been better. I mean the sound could be more aggressive and so the song would also be more relentless and also the vocals could be better. But despite that I think Goat Tyrant is very OK and definitely they deserved to be aside Doombringer. Ha, I may even finally listen to their demo compilation “Thy Summoning of Three Demonic Rituals”.
So, very recommendable split EP, but mainly for Doombringer, who – I dare to say – turn to be one of the leading forces on the European obscure death metal scene.
Final rate: 80/100

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