Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Facebreaker - Zombie God

I’ve been waiting for this new 7”EP from Facebreaker for few months, ever since I’ve read info about it on the band’s facebook. I knew straight away that I’ll have to get myself a copy of that, as I really, really liked all three full length albums, which Facebreaker have unleashed so far and every new release from them had to be in my collection also. “Zombie God” came just recently, but it already belongs to my favourite EPs in the collection. I mean just look at that awesome artwork by Mark Riddick. It just looks fuckin awesome! I love it and it fits the title so well that I cannot imagine anything better than this. “Hidden from this world above, for centuries unknown… The commander of the decomposed will restore its throne!!!” .But it is just a cover, the music is even better than that!
Three full length albums behind their belts and Facebreaker is already well established and experienced band and one should know exactly what to expect from their music. I mean this definitely is one of the best currently active Swedish death metal bands and such LPs as “Infected” are something what should be in the collection of every die hard maniac of this sort of playing. “Zombie God” with two new, exclusive songs only proves the worth of the band… and well, when I listen to such excellent anthem as “Legions of Doom” I can only bang my head and enjoy that energy, with which this song erupts, as it really is enormous and great. The title song from the other hand is a little bit different, it is quite slow, almost doomy and in many ways it sounds like a combination of the classic Swedish death metal sound with good, old Autopsy feeling. So, imagine this utterly dark and rotten atmosphere of this song… Arrghh, I love it, it is even better than “Legions of Doom”!!! Every time I listen to this track I cannot stop myself and I scream with Robban “Zooombbieee Gooooddd!!!!!”. So fuckin excellent piece of death metal!!!!!!!
It’s quite funny thing with many of those new death metal bands. Hardly of any of them we can say that are original and groundbreaking, but still I personally loved so many recently released LPs, EPs or demos, as they are just good musically. I never liked that saying: “why would I listen to Dead Congregation, if I have Incantation?” and it fits bands like Facebreaker also. This band doesn’t play anything original, but their music is full of passion, great energy and killer riffs and these are things, which I look for in death metal in the first place. And with that in my mind I must say that “Zombie God” is a classic 7”EP. There are absolutely fantastic songs, so I love this single a lot and I really mean that Facebreaker did a perfect job with it. I cannot stop listening to it and do so quite frequently… And that’s why I just must recommend this stuff to everybody. It’s a must to have, so you must be quick, as the limited quantity of 666 copies may not be enough for everyone. Now I’m waiting for the new album from this killer Swedish band!
Final rate: 95/100

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