Tuesday, 8 January 2013

2013 has began

Another year has began and I definitely will keep on working on this blog as it brings me some dose of personal satisfaction and I like to share my thoughts on the stuff I like most - metal fuckin music. Apart of this blog you may find my reviews on Metal Archives, I also work with The Nocturnal Battle of Chariots webzine (www.nbc.art.pl) and write for a couple of printed magazines - Burning Abyss zine (Poland) and most recently I was also invited to join the ranks of Compilation of Death (chile), which was a great honour. So, I keep myself busy and this year won't be different. It would be perfect if I had time to get all those interviews, which I put here printed on paper and make another issue of the xeroxed fanzine, but I honestly doubt if I'll ever find enough time and strong will to get it done. It would probbaly be easier for me to get the pages done on the laptop, but to go somewhere and make xeroxed copies - ha, that's something what I find as too time consuming at the moment.
Anyway, hopefully this year will be as great as 2012, I already have a great list of stuff I wanna write about - some new releases as well as shitload of older stuff from my personal collection. So, stay in touch and leave some comments on my work. And I also must add that I cannot wait for July, as I'm going to see Iron Maiden playing a gig here in Gdansk!!!!! Fuck, I always wanted to see them live, had a chance few years ago, but never managed to actually go. But now they play about 20 minutes by car from my home so I just must go! Up the Irons!!!

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