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Puteraeon - The Esoteric Order

PUTERAEON - The Esoteric Order (CYCLONE EMPIRE - LP 2011)
I guess one of my jobs, as an experienced reviewer and metalhead is to try to recommend some of the best bands and albums around, so you can avoid the shitty ones. Every review is of course an individual thing, not everyone will always like what I like, everyone has different tastes and preferences, one may like vanilla ice cream and someone else likes when his girlfriend pisses into his mouth. But when there are times like now, when the number of old styled Swedish sounding death metal bands have increased all expectations it’s good to read some opinions and see if the band X is worth anything or it’s better just to avoid them. Here’s one Swedish band, which I definitely want to recommend to you, if you want to listen to some killer tunes.
Well, I guess many of you will know Puteraeon anyway by now. This band has released a couple of demos in 2008 and this first LP, “The Esoteric Order”, came out in 2011. But somehow, even though I’ve got this blue coloured piece of vinyl, dressed in blue gatefold back in the day when it was released, I never had a chance to write anything about it, I do so now. And trust me, this LP is definitely a must to have, if you’re into this sort of music. Puteraeon doesn’t give a fuck and just slaughters with death metal frenzy, digging up some graves and shagging the fresh, smelly corpses with a lot of enthusiasm. There’s really no time wasted on “The Esoteric Order” and each of its eleven songs will make you bang your head and visit the graveyard nearby to get some meat for the supper.
All the ingredients, which Puteraeon used for their music, are well known and used many times before. If you’re into groovy riffs, or maybe those, which will just crush you instantly, especially when they’re played in very fast tempo, or if you prefer the more harmonious parts, then “The Esoteric Order” has all that in offer. I can even find some traces of Autopsy influenced death metal goregasm. There are a lot of references to the old school death metal scene from Sweden: Grave, Entombed, Desultory, old Hypocrisy or Centinex… You know them all well. There are also many similarities to the bands, which play this sort of music nowadays like Ribspreader, Entrails, Nominon, Intestinal, … Fuck it, but that doesn’t disturb me at all and I still like “The Esoteric Order” a lot, as this album has many absolutely fantastic and killer tunes. Riffs, like the one, which opens “Experience Zombiefication” is worth to die for, I just love this melody a lot! Basically every song on the album has some hooks, riffs, which will stick with you for whole day and release a huge dose of energy to blow the whole house down. “Graverobber”, “Coma”, harmonious as hell “The Innsmouth Insanity” or ravaging “The Plague” are some of other favourite songs of mine. Puteraeon really nailed it; they have a great ability to compose brilliant songs, with powerful riffs and I also must say that the production of “The Esoteric Order” is simply excellent. In many ways this band reminds me Entrails – both bands has similar enthusiasm I think and both resurrect the classic Swedish death metal equally successfully. Maybe not all songs are 666% killer, such tracks as “Re-Animation” or “The Extraordinary Work of Herbert West” are slightly more boring, but really, really slightly, as they’re solid anyway.
Are there any weaknesses on this Puteraeon LP then? No, not really, maybe the vocals could have been better. Especially when “Storms Over Devil’s Reef” begin they sound quite weird, but after a while I got used to them. Anyway, I would maybe prefer to hear a deeper growling here, something more powerful. Uh, and there’s one more thing, which I will curse Puteraeon for and which will make them die in torments. Fuck, why haven’t they put all 13 songs, which are on the CD, on the LP?!!! The vinyl has only 11 tracks and that sucks cocks together with the balls!
Standout tracks: “Experience Zombiefication”, “Coma”, “The Innsmouth Insanity”
Final rate: 78/100

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