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Chaos Inception - Collision with Oblivion

CHAOS INCEPTION -  Collision with Oblivion (BRUTALLIZED Records - CD 2009)
Fuck, this band is probably one of the biggest surprises and discoveries, which I have made this year. I mean Chaos Inception is a band, which I had no idea about, until all those adverts for their second album, “The Abrogation” started to appear in my e-mail box. I took a look at it (soon later I also got this second full length from this Huntsville, Alabama death metal squadron of death), when I realized that I never even heard their moniker before. So, soon afterwards I decided to purchase also the debut CD of Chaos Inception, just to see what it was like. It turned out that “Collision with Oblivion” is such an excellent piece of death metal that I had no idea how come that only very few maniacs would know this band yet and this debut CD went by so overlooked. This is my impression, at least, maybe your will be different, but as I said, until recently I haven’t even knew the band name, not to mention their music. Better late than never, though…
So, starting from the beginning (and in the beginning there was chaos hehe), Chaos Inception was formed in 2008 and never did any demos, but already in 2009 they’ve recorded “Collision with Oblivion” which was released by Brutalized Records. The line up of Chaos Inception features some experienced musicians; Matt Barnes and Gary White were the members of Fleshtized, but after the split up of this great band they’ve formed Chaos Inception. Barnes plays nowadays also in Monstrosity. Some other guys have been members of Quinta Essentia. That’s all, for the most known bands, in which Inception guys have been playing in. I do fuckin admire how quickly they must have composed such an awesome and slaughtering material as the one from “Collision with Oblivion”. Really, it seems like a completely unknown band has recorded and released one of the best death metal albums from the US scene at that time (probably together with Coffin Texts and Nile… and I’m sure I’ve forgotten about 3-5 more albums, so sorry for that).
Yeah, Nile. I don’t know if the band will be happy, if I say that the music of Chaos Inception reminds me Nile quite a lot. Maybe there aren’t any oriental passages on “Collision with Oblivion” (all those intros, etc), but the guitar riffs, intensity of this material, some arrangements as well as the vocals – all these things reminds me Nile, what doesn’t really work against Chaos Inception, because they managed to compose seriously great music, so who would give a fuck? Intensity is the key word, when speaking of this sort of death metal, which you can find on “Collision with Oblivion”, as this album is just fulfilled with extreme, fast, relentless playing and offers such a huge dose of energy and strength that it will probably crush everything around you within seconds. What I like about the album especially is that even though most of it is played at the fact pace, there’s definitely no sign of boredom and it’s not just focusing on creating the wall of sound, but also about getting a certain atmosphere, which the band provides with some extremely great guitar leads and even some melodies. Plus there are many powerful, but memorable parts on “Collision with Oblivion”, so you cannot say that this album is boring and monotonous or whatever, as it’s actually the opposite. I especially need to mention how killer those guitar leads are; I mean they’re some of the best, which I’ve ever heard and I can sincerely say that they’re equally great as what guys like Karl Sanders or Nergal play. Matt Barnes is a guitar genius (and for that to be proved, just listen to the instrumental passage, called “Desolate Beyond”… it’s enough that I like that slow, massive riff in it, but the lead parts of Barnes are just excellent)! But honestly, you won’t hear a word of complain on any of the performances on “Collision with Oblivion”; everything seems to be spotless… the drumming, bass lines or killer vocals from Chris White. I mentioned Nile few time already, but really, if you think of this band, plus the likes of Hate Eternal, Behemoth and maybe also Immolation, then you may get the picture of what sort of death metal comes from the chaos. It is fairly technical, I guess a lot of those parts demand quite high skills from all instrumentalists, but what I like about “Collision with Oblivion” especially is that despite its sometimes complex and definitely not easy structures and riffing, the album is quite easy in the terms of how do I receive it. The key words here would be memorable riffs (“The Scourge Infinitum”) and other things, which would stick in your head and that the band did not focus totally on technicality just for the sake of it. This is why “Collision with Oblivion” is a winner.
And did I mention how fuckin fast and brutal this music is? No? Well, I do so now. It is amazing album, really, the more I’m disappointed that it seems it didn’t get as much recognition as it actually deserved. Well, it’s never too late though, get it now, if you can, I strongly recommend it to you. And when you do so, don’t forget to also get the second CD, which I’m about to listen to now.
Standout tracks: “Pig Flesh Decimator”, “The Scourge Infinitum”
Final rate: 85/100

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