Friday, 13 July 2012

Chaos Inception - The Abrogation

CHAOS INCEPTION - The Abrogation (LAVADOME Production - CD 2012)
“With lunatic eyes I stalk the offering as blood spatters the next stone on my path…”
Arrghhhhhh!!!! This was my first reaction – a loud, furious scream – when I started to listen to “The Abrogation” and was hit by that massive wall of sound and slashing riffs from the title track, which opens the album. Man, believe me or not, but I had absolutely no idea what to expect from Chaos Inception, I never knew this band before, so I never really expected such a high quality death metal to ejaculate from the speakers. Meanwhile the tornado, which it caused, pretty quickly turned everything into pieces, broke everything around and simply left chaos. Arrghhhhh! What a delightful piece of death metal I’ve found on “The Abrogation”; the more it is amusing that as I just write I completely didn’t know anything about the band. Now, when I write this review and have listened to “The Abrogation” several times more, I also purchased the debut album of this Alabama based squadron and I can see that it’s not an accident. Those guys already on their first CD were slaying mercilessly, offering ten executing death metal anthems. “Collision with Oblivion” was great, but now “The Abrogation” seems to be even better!
Musically I guess “The Abrogation” follows what was on “Collision with Oblivion”. This is technical, fast as hell, brutal death metal, a lot inspired by the mighty Nile and Hate Eternal, but “The Abrogation” seems to deliver also more influences from the likes of Morbid Angel, Behemoth, even Angel Corpse and recent Krisiun LPs in few parts, and the final effect is thunderous. Each song brings devastation; each is composed of so great riffs that they equal the best bands and albums from this sort of death metal... Really, I have no doubt that if someone worships what Hate Eternal for instance have been doing, then he’ll also love Chaos Inception… and in my opinion Chaos Inception is way better than Hate Eternal because they have more diverse, more memorable and not as chaotic and dull songs and sound better than Rutan had on “I, Monarch” for instance. It is my opinion, of corpse, no one has to agree, but I feel way more energy bursting here and passion when listening to “The Abrogation”. The intensity of this material is yet again very impressive. The music is relentless and straight forward totally and hardly ever leaves you an occasion to take a breath and rest, as most of those 30 minutes is just filled with fast and brutal playing. Luckily it never feels monotonous, as the band achieved great ability to compose interesting riffs and as often as they can they slow down, to play more memorable and atmospheric part. It doesn’t happen maybe too often, but when it does, it is like the heaviest nail hitting your forehead. Just listen to “Black Blood Vortex” or “The Exterminati” – even when Chaos Inception slowed down, they still sound incredibly massive and violent.
Again Mr. Matt Barnes shows his amazing skills as the guitarist, giving me goose skin with every lead he plays. This man sounds sometimes like lunatic, his leads are chaotic and frenzy, but the effect is excellent, just like when you listen to Trey Azaghoth or Jeff Hannemann… or Karl Sanders… Also the drumming of Gary White is impressive as hell, he’s as good as Inferno from Behemoth or other my favourite drummers! This man is fast – that’s all you need to know about this blastmaster! The production of “The Abrogation” is also flawless; it increases the powerful side of this music into its limits and makes it sound like a true sound bomb. It is just impossible to listen to this album, without playing it loud. Only then you can really feel how devastating it is and feel its strength in complete. Ufff, the words are just coming from underneath my fingers, I typed this review as quickly as the music on the album is, but this is just how enthusiastic I become about Chaos Inception. This is just excellent band and I cannot recommend it to you enough. You must get this CD quickly and support them.
“…I am the Patriarch… I will bathe in the blood of my enemies…”!!!!!!!!
Standout tracks: “Phalanx (The Tip of the Spear)”, “Lunatic Necromancy”, “Hammer of Infidel”
Final rate: 85/100

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