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Entrapment interview!!!!!!!!!

I had to wait some time before I got those answers from Michel Jonker, the man who stands behind monstrous and horrid thing called Entrapment. I had to send some plagues and viruses to The Netherlands and treat him, before he finally started to answer it. But it was worth waiting. Even though the answers are short, but it's good to support such great bands as Entrapment and see what Michel have to say about his old styled death metal band. Enjoy! And I'm waiting for the full length album from this band!  
You’ve been skinning the death metal maniacs with your band Entrapment since 2009. Tell me how did you come up with an idea to form a death metal project, especially one, which would evoke the old style, especially the Swedish sound? What have influenced you most and pushed you into it? And why have you decided to make it just one man band, instead of having a full line up, in which every member would be able to put his ideas and riffs into the music? Have you got some dictatorship tendencies or what hehe?
Actually I was so busy with other stuff that I didn’t have time for a full band anymore. At the same time I learned to make songs on my computer so I started to make death metal songs. After a while I had about 5 songs and I drew a logo and asked a friend of mine to record it. I made a myspace page, putted the songs online and Detest Records was interested.

Have you played in some other bands before Entrapment or this is actually your debut, as a metal musician? I ask about it, because you handle all instruments, including the drums, so you’re either very talented and learn to play very quickly or have experience from the past years, if you played in some other bands! Unveil the mystery, please!
Yes, I played in many bands already, all were underground metal, punk and hardcore bands. The metal bands I used to play drums in are Absorbed and Massive Assault. Both bands play Swedish style death metal haha what else. I also played in a very Swedish death metal styled punk band with female vocals called Makiladoras… We played about 230 shows in total.

Entrapment has released two demos in 2010. Tell me something more about those two tapes and what feedback did you get from the underground press and maniacs when these two demos were spread around?
Both tapes were recorded by a good friend called Richard Wieringa. He just started to record bands and was not much experienced. Good for me because I needed that old 80’s demo sound. We just went to the local practise room, set everything up and started recording. I didn’t mind about the tightness of the drums or the quality of the kit. I just battered the hell out of it trying to create the right atmosphere. After that we recorded the bass and guitars also very easily. A day later we did the vocals and the solos and that’s it.  The first demo released by Detest was sold very well. And still people asked for it.  The second demo I released myself and it’s time for a third round now… still also got mail people asking for it.

I must admit I sometimes cannot believe how suddenly the tape format has come back into the metal demo scene for good! I mean, few years ago everyone would probably release a CDR’s, as they were cheaper and easier to play. Recently 50% of bands are just doing the digital demos, which is something I cannot tolerate and stand. And then there are many bands, which all of a sudden started doing the tapes again! Don’t get me wrong, I like this idea, but what pushed you personally to release Entrapment demos on tapes and in such small quantities?
Well actually I didn’t know either, since I found out that tapes were back again. After Detest released the first demo I thought it was a good idea to release the 2nd demo on cassette too. Since I still love tapes I preserved all my old demo tapes very well.

Speaking of the limitations, “Putrefying Stench of Death” was released in the annoying quantity of 100 copies, which sucks, if you ask me! Any chance this material – as well as the first demo – will be re-released, maybe on CD, maybe on tape or maybe on vinyl?
100 copies was just a matter of money. I didn’t have the money for more copies at that time. But by now more than 200 copies are sold and soon I will get new copies.
There's an EP "Crawling Morbidity" just released by Detest Records. And this is how I got to know your band – I bought the EP and was blown away with the killer music. How did you get in touch with Detest and how come the demo ended up as an EP? Whose idea was it? And why have you decided to change the front cover of it (the MC version has different layout)?
“Crawling Morbidity” was meant as an EP straight away and was never released on cassette. After the recordings were done it still took about half a year before the release date. To kill time I just put the raw mix online under the name “Demo III”.

If you would have to compare “Crawling Morbidity” to the two previous demos, what would you say? What are the biggest changes, comparing them all? What makes you proud especially, when you listen to “Crawling Morbidity”?
Well, when I recorded the tapes there were no expectations at all, so felt very free to do whatever I wanted to do. Since those tapes sold so very well and people sending me mail about how they like the songs. There was a bit more pressure on my shoulders with creating the songs for the EP. But according to all the reactions it worked out pretty well!

“Mass Obliteration” is my favourite track from this EP. It sounds just killer, I especially like that ending part of it, when you slow down a lot and play almost Asphyx-esque sort of melodic guitar lead! Really, really awesome stuff... It’s almost a shame this song doesn’t continue for 2-3 minutes more, so good it is! Anyway, I’ve noticed your songs are pretty short, within the 2-3 minutes length. Is this the ultimate timing for the song for you, as this way they can be more right in your face and straight forward or something like that? Or maybe you consider composing some longer songs also, maybe more doomy, maybe more epic? I don’t know…
I was indeed very inspired by Asphyx writing that outro. I always loved the melancholic parts on Asphyx’ first releases.  The fact that the songs are pretty short must have something to do that I listen a lot to punk and hardcore too. I also think that my riffing is not interesting enough to continue more than 4 minutes haha. Actually I hate it with a lot of bands repeating riff after riff for like 6 minutes.  If people like the song I prefer them to put the song on repeat instead of getting bored by the fact that it goes on and on.

Zombifying Soultearing Death Metal… I’m an alien and have no idea what could that mean, try to explain it to me then!
It just popped up in my mind when I was creating the website. I guess the “Soul Tearing” part has something to do with the “Hellraiser” movies haha.

Cenobite death metal slaughter??? Hehe!!!! Being Dutch, I’m sure you’re full of admiration for the old death metal scene in your country, tell me then which Dutch bands or albums you like most? I mean there were so many once great acts – Acrostichon, Asphyx, Thanatos, God Dethroned, Sinister, Pestilence, Burial, Delirium plus a handful of demo bands, which are less knows, but still great like Excavation. Few of those bands have returned to death metal scene. Asphyx is awesome in my opinion, Pestilence did one great LP, but “Doctrine” is shitty... And Gorefest has split up again, because they didn’t get as much money as they expected!!!!!! Fuck! What do you think about such attitude towards playing metal of death?
Well all the bands you mention I love their first releases just as much as all the other classic death metal releases around that time. The more obscure bands like Excavation (I love their “Psychotic Possession” 7”) or Obtruncation, Bluuurgh etc. etc. are great too. Still got their demos. Maybe it’s nice to know that Henke (God Dethroned) is also the bass player in Entrapment on stage.

I’ve noticed on Metal Archives that you’ve found three live session musicians, so Entrapment is able to play live! Cool, but tell me if these guys will join you just for the gigs or will they fill up also the studio line up so Entrapment will start to be a real band?
As we speak we’re busy with recording the full length that will be released by Soulseller Records around October this year.  For the upcoming releases we will probably record as a four piece. For now only the other guitar player Jeroen (also in Herder) is contributing to the album.

I’ve watched on youtube a live recording of “Mass Obliteration” from the awesome Kill-Town Death Fest 2011. Tell me something more about this event, your view on the performances of the bands from it and the overall impression and memories you’ve got from this festival, which was like a great old school metal event?
Kill Town was a blast! The whole fest was based on only one thing: Old style death metal!  The bands were great, especially Sonne Adam blew me away!!

On Metal Archives photo you’re wearing King Diamond’s t-shirt! Are you a fan of master of horror? I think he’s done some of the best concept albums ever in the metal history! Nowadays I love Kam Lee’s The Grotesquery, which is also one big conceptual work, but in the death metal vein. Listening to his music while reading the lyrics is an excellent experience!
Yes I love concept albums like Sabath – Dreamweaver, but I guess it’s a tremendous work to create a monster like that. For sure I love the King… “Melissa” is probably my favourite record. Reading lyrics is not always a recommendation haha… I know many great albums with ridiculous lyrics. Also releases for Entrapment do not include any lyrics haha.

There’s a cover of “Supposed to Rot”, which I’ve found in the internet and which haven’t been used on any of your demos. Any plans to publish it on an EP or other future release? I ask, because this cover sounds so damn fuckin great!!!! Almost as good as original! Anyway, I guess this band (or bands: Nihilist / Entombed) was your main source of influence, what is undeniable when listening to such tracks as “Carnal Fears” for instance?
The song will be released on the Demo Discography (released by Godeater Records) and Slap Bet Records will do a 7” version of the 2nd demo which also will include this song next to a cover version of Crucifix’ “Three Miles to Oblivion”.

What are your nearest plans about Entrapment? Are you working on the new material, maybe you’re planning something really extra, like a full length album? I need to ask, if a debut LP is in plans, are you going to compose a fully new material or maybe put a mixture of old demo songs plus few new ones or whatever?
For sure we are working on new material. I give you the complete list of things to come: Entrapment –Demo discography 19 songs Digipack (Godeater Records), Entrapment – Full Length (Soulseller Records), Entrapment – Split 7” with Torturerama, Entrapment – Demo II 7” (Slap Bet Records), Entrapment – Split 7” with Massive Assault and Entrapment – Split 12” with Pyre (Detest Records).
Thanks for showing interest in Entrapment! Sorry for the late answer, I’m damn busy with shitloads of things at the moment!

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