Monday, 16 July 2012

Detest Records closing down???

Some unexpected and very weird news just hit me this morning - one of the best and most active new death metal labels, one which was releasing a number of killer materials every month and which gave us such bands as Morbus Chron, Miasmal, Krypts, Necrowretch, Entrapment, etc is about to be closed. Seeing how great the releases of DETEST Records were and that they'll been sold quite well and quickly, this news is unexpected and for me, as a fan, who's been buying almost everything from them, is also very sad. Read here the statement of Jerry, DETEST's owner:
I'm looking forward anyway for DETEST's last releases, which will be DISMA, SWALLOWED, KRYPTS and STENCH OF DECAY - all will be killer I'm sure, so... Just want to say thanks for spreading such a lethal plague for the past 4 years. Hail DETEST!

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