Sunday, 17 June 2018

Incinerator / Profanity Angel - Execration of the Holy Spirit

INCINERATOR / PROFANITY ANGEL - Execration of the Holy Spirit (PRIOR SATANAE Productions - CD 2018)
I like split releases a lot. But I do prefer when bands that participate are similar stylistically, not from two completely different niches of extreme metal. On "Execration of the Holy Spirit" we have brutal death metal band Incinerator and black / death metal act Profanity Angel, so it's quite unusual mixture, but I can live with it. Both bands are good, so I see no problem here. And if you seek for another extreme underground piece of filth, grab a copy of this CD immediately. 
Incinerator comes first and it's already third time I write about them. On this split you'll find their "Death Descends" demo (which I already reviewed some months ago), but with an additional song and an intro. Well, I can then just repeat what I wrote earlier about them - Incinerator plays solid brutal death metal in the vein of early Cannibal Corpse. Their music is savage, filthy and very raw, but I quite like it, especially that sick, gory atmosphere. Good songs, not bad sound quality – everything about "Death Descends" reminds me US death metal demos from early 90's, especially from these unknown bands, which never got a wide recognition. Maybe this is why I like it so much. Not the most brilliant stuff ever, but very decent and surely recommendable. 
I never had a chance to hear "Acts of Desecration and Blasphemy" demo from Profanity Angel before. But it's been featured on this split and I have to say that it's good idea to release it on this CD, because I like this demo. It's very bestial, obscure and morbid type of black / death metal, very primitive, ugly and utterly harsh, total savagery and brutality. Think of Blasphemy, Black Witchery, Bestial Raids, and from death metal bands it can remind you the likes of Incantation. Pretty good songwriting, simple but just effective... Great vocals, I like that kind of harsh, vicious deep growl a lot. The production could have been a bit better, but on the other hand such primitive sound fits this type of extreme metal the most. So, definitely good band and a nice discovery. 
Verdict: 70/100 

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