Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Apostasy - The Blade of Hell

APOSTASY - The Blade of Hell (FALLEN TEMPLE - CD 2018)
After releasing their debut album "Sunset of the End" in 1991 Apostasy split up in 1993 and remained inactive until twenty years later, when Cris Profaner decided to resurrect his old band with two new members. In 2016 new material "The Blade of Hell" has been recorded and well, I have to say that this comeback EP gives a very good impression. I like this new effort much more than the old album, not only because "Sunset of the End" together with the demo was over sixty minutes long, so it managed to bore me to death half way through. In this case, these twenty minutes of "The Blade of Hell" are a real piece a cake. But I think these new songs are just better, so it's a real pleasure to listen to this new EP. 
I really have to say that the music on "The Blade of Hell" breaths with old school thrash / death metal! For me it sounds like classic release from early 90's, with that great, harsh sound and perfectly executed, aggressive thrash metal, which has no sign of boring modern styles. These songs resurrect the ancient feeling perfectly and turn into great thrashing feast for all bangers. Nice, razor sharp riffs, nice dark, vicious feel, awesome harsh vocals (I wish they would get rid of all these high pitched screams, but I know I'm asking for too much). This EP has a huge "Show No Mercy" influence, but you can bet than most of the best thrash bands from late 80's (Dark fuckin Angel! Sepultura! Kreator!had an impact on Apostasy. That's good and the result is just great, even though I have to say that: 1. I wish there was no intro on this EP and they kicked off / or thrashed off with killer riff from the very first second. This intro doesn't fit here. 2. I'm not quite sure if I like these acoustic guitar parts, which are here and there. But who cares... I recommend you checking "The Blade of Hell". Apostasy will soon release also their second album, so it can be interesting! 
Standout track: "The Great Damnation" 
Verdict: 70/100 

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