Monday, 25 June 2018

Abhorrent Funeral - Ugly Tales

I got this CD together with Incinerator / Profanity Angel split... and I can only guess that there may be a connection between Abhorrent Funeral and one of these split CD bands. If I had to choose, then I think this would be a connection with Profanity Angel, because their bestial, primitive black / death metal has a bit in common with Abhorrent Funeral's putrid death metal from "Ugly Tales". This album is equally savage, simplistic, very harsh and... hmm, ugly? Anyway, do not expect to hear any fancy technical arrangements, complicated song structures, memorable melodies or constant blasts from this band. Do not expect anything what would be popular. But think of the old Necrophagia, Repulsion, Hellhammer, or even Blasphemy (if the record was played on 33RPM instead of 45RPM haha)! And add that punkish vibe, dirtiness and harshness to everything.
Riffs are square simple, almost Neanderthal, the drumming is limited to what is necessary… vocals are simply bestial and the production is utterly raw. What else can I write? It can seem like all songs are based on similar patterns and there's absolutely nothing what would make "Ugly Tales" interesting. But to my surprise, it works completely the other way and somehow this morbid music can really be fun to listen to! I like this brutal feel of Abhorrent Funeral music, especially combined with the gore-rror influence, which can be spotted not only in the lyrics (which are really fuckin awesome, love them!!!), but also in all these intros, from movies like "Dawn of the Dead" and "Night of the Living Dead". And when mentioning the horror influence (from many awesome classics movies – just check these song titles!), I can say that "Ugly Tales" is like watching not even B, but C-class gore movie. Everybody knows how primitive they are, how bad the acting is and all the FX. But we like them anyway! Abhorrent Funeral is exactly the same. Utterly simplistic, primitive, filthy and poor, yet cool to listen to. Sure, the music is totally repetitive, every song seems the same, except maybe "They're Coming to Get You" and "Braindead", which are the most standing out tracks here... but despite all its primitiveness, simplicity, poorness, ugliness and repetitiveness, these ugly tales are fun. And that's it. Oh, love this slimy green colouring of the booklet also!
Standout tracks: "Hell of the Living Dead", "They're Coming to Get You"
Verdict: 70/100

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