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Archives of the Dead part XXIX - Damonacy - Therapeutic Morbidity 1992)

Archives of the Dead part XXIX - Damonacy - Therapeutic Morbidity 1992) 
Line up: Jason Corr (drums), Stan Zielinski (guitars), Mike Klose (bass), Ben Danburger (bass), Matt McCluskey (guitars), Brian Worland (vocals) 
Recorded at TraxEast studio, New Jersey in 1992. 
Damonacy were another old death metal band too short living to make any bigger impact on the 90's scene. But I have to say that their music still sounds solid and I personally like it a lot. I think Damonacy was formed in 1990 and released two demos "From Within" in 1991 and "Therapeutic Morbidity" in 1992. The second of these two demos has later been released as a 7 inch vinyl by Corpse Grinder, although it misses one song (original cassette had three songs, while the 7" contains only two of them). 
Damonacy were pretty standard death metal band from USA, with shredding riffs, decent technicality and proper dose of brutality comparable to the likes of Monstrosity, Malevolent Creation, Resurrection or Ripping Corpse. Both songs are pretty damn good, I like this style of death metal a lot, that diversity, which Damonacy presents in their music - because it's slow and fast, brutal and more groovy, even thrashy sometimes or a bit melodic, but also quite complex... And Brett Hoffmann's like vocals do fit here very well. Unfortunately the production could have been better, especially these buzzy guitar tone just lacks viciousness and heaviness. It's still fairly well recorded though, so no big complain. I can definitely sense that there was a lot of potential in Damonacy, so I am quite surprised the band never went any further than this seven inch. 
Interesting fact is that on the cover of this 7" we can see that Damonacy was a six piece, with two bassists in the line up. To be honest, you can't even hear that, the music still sounds like a standard death metal. Second bass do nothing here. Maybe better production would be able to show the dual of two guitars and two basses better, but not in this case... but it's still pretty interesting fact. "Therapeutic Morbidity" was also the last recording of Damonacy, which split up some time later... A compilation CD was released in 2014 with all their old recordings, I have never seen a copy of it though, which is a shame. I will certainly grab one, if I have a chance though! 
Verdict: 70/100 

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