Friday, 15 June 2018

Ancient Crypts - Devoured by Serpents

ANCIENT CRYPTS - Devoured by Serpents (IRON BONEHEAD - LP 2015)
Once again I have to write how much I worship that monstrous death metal scene from Chile. There are so many killer bands there, such an awesome old school, brutal feel to it... I can only wish it never ends. Ancient Crypts is another fantastic band from there, which I am very impressed by. This legion is led by Nyarlathotep, who was Unaussprechlichen Kulten member once. The band has also people who were or still are involved also in bands such as Apostasy and Invincible Force. And in 2013 they released a debut official material "Devoured by Serpents", first on tape, but later also on CD and LP. 
And well, I have to say that I love this MLP, I love the music and that brutal, harsh, old school sound of it. I do realize that most of people will only say that Ancient Crypts is nothing more, but Asphyx worship kind of band, but does that mean they're not good? Damn, their music is fantastic. For me "Devoured by Serpents" sounds like early Asphyx records, "The Rack" especially. They have similar dark atmosphere and that harsh, obscure sound. All riffs they came up with here are just splendid, I worship this style of death metal, with this brutality, maliciousness, sometimes a bit slower pace and a bit of melody, which gives more viciousness and heaviness to the whole sound. The title track is definitely the finest example of how killer is Ancient Crypts' music, I believe that this song is just as good as any track on "The Rack". Generally, we could moan that Chileans pretty much follow the same patterns, ideas and arrangements as their Dutch heroes, especially in the way they incorporate these epic, mournful melodies. But I don't even care, to be honest. The music is great, exactly as I like it, so why moan? Let's leave it to "I know better and I love to complain" people. I play this record loud to silence their useless opinion and to feel the heavy sound of "Devoured by Serpents" better. I'm waiting for the debut full length now!!!! 
Standout tracks: "Devoured by Serpents", "Between the Mortuary Remains" 
Verdict: 85/100 

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