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Funeral Mist - Hekatomb

FUNERAL MIST - Hekatomb (NOEVDIA - LP 2018)
The phlegm of the holy mother... 
It's already been nine long years since the release of "Maranatha", so I did not even hope to see Funeral Mist's third opus in 2018. But it came out all of a sudden, so it was a great surprise and a very exciting one as well. I'm big fan of Arioch's previous works, especially "Devilry" and "Salvation", so I could not be happier to see "Hekatomb", which I bought on vinyl a.s.a.p. And what can I say... for me this is one of the best 2018 albums. it definitely is the best black metal LP, much better than Marduk's "Viktoria" for instanceSo, hats off, Arioch did it again! 
"Hekatomb" is a bit different to the previous Funeral Mist albums. First of all, it's not such a long record as its predecessors. It's ten minutes shorter than "Maranatha" and twenty minutes shorter than "Salvation". It works in benefit of "Hekatomb", in my opinion, as the content of the album is only of the best quality, with no signs of monotony or too long material. This way the album is also more straight forward, more uncompromising and memorable. And that is always good to hear. Interestingly, with shorter material, it also is more diverse and much better balanced, so it really managed to catch my attention immediately (unlike such "Maranatha", which did require many careful listens). That balance is very important and something what Funeral Mist has not done before - more slower songs, more atmospheric parts, but in proper proportions to the blasting, ferocious black metal, which this band is so well known for. As such, it reminds me Marduk's best effort "Rom 5:12" and both are equally, extremely killer albums. 
You won't find here a bad song. Whether you prefer extremely fast, vicious, blasting tracks (such as "In Nomine Domini") or slower pieces ("Naught but Death") - there's always a great quality and something interesting what will catch your attention. Arioch has a lot of inspiring ideas, his music has many fantastic additional details (such as a simple bell sounds or choral vocals), which makes it all sound even more interesting... Great arrangements, absolutely insane, possessed morbid vocals of Arioch (and his fantastic lyrics!!!), fast, precise drumming of Lars Broddesson (ex-Marduk) and top production of Endarker Studio. I have absolutely nothing wrong to say about this record. Obviously, I have my favourite songs here: they are "Metamorphosis", “Naught but Death” and “Hosanna", but as I already mentioned – I love the entire album with its sick, vicious, morbid atmosphere. Some may miss that chaotic, utterly savage and bestial aspect of “Salvation” here and I can understand that. But I like “Hekatomb” as it is. More memorable, but still brutal and violent. Definitely one of my favourite black metal albums in recent years. 
Standout tracks: "Metamorphosis", “Naught but Death”, "Hosanna" 
Verdict: 95/100

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