Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Mordbrand - Vastation

MORDBRAND - Vastation (TO THE DEATH Records 7"EP 2014)
I'm not gonna write in depth article about "Vastation". There's no need for it. I just want to write few sentences and no more. Let me then start by saying that I'm Mordbrand fan, I like their music a lot and appreciated every release, which they have done so far. "Vastation" is only a single, these two songs were released on 7" vinyl by To the Death Records, limited to 300 copies. Two songs, but how much fun and great impression they bring! 
"Failure of the Paraclete" and "Ashen Hollow" are both excellent pieces of Swedish death metal, especially song from side A is sweet as pussy, I love that riffage, nasty character, groove and dark, thrilling atmosphere with a bit of melody here and there. When I listen to such stuff I wonder how is it possible that it never becomes dull and bands like Mordbrand can still shred with their music? I guess it's something these guys have in blood... or I don't know what else can it be. But the fact is that they keep coming up with killer songs, killer riffs and killer ideas. And they can still surprise me, here they did so with the ending part of "Ashen Hollow" where that blasting part comes in. Yeah, very recommended release, Mordbrand fuckin rules. And the pleasure is even bigger if you have a signed copy on orange vinyl, which was limited to 50 copies only and sold only by the band. Call it a collector's item! 
Final rate: 80/100

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