Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Morbid Stench - The Stench of Doom

This time we move to El Salvador and Costa Rica, which surely are exotic countries on the extreme metal map. I've been listening to tape from band called Morbid Stench and I have to say that I liked their music a lot. This band was formed by members of Conceived by Hate and Insepulto, who also played in many other projects before, so maybe this is why it all sounds so damn good – because they are experienced musicians and they just know what they're doing. 
Anyway "The Stench of Doom" is the first material of Morbid Stench. And there are three great old school death / doom metal tunes, which fans of the Swedish and Finnish styles should like a lot. They do come up with a lot of groove as well as with some nice melodic parts, which are reachly spiced with a strong doomy vibe. So, the final effect is a small, but worthy dose of putrefying filth. I have to say that Morbid Stench came up with some killer riffs, my favourites are those from the first song "Reborn from the Reek", which is just superb! Also the production is good and the vocals sound dark and gloomy, so I really cannot say anything bad about "The Stench of Doom". It's almost a shame that there are only three songs on this tape, but I know that Morbid Stench is due to release a split album and a full length, so there's more from them to come. And I can't wait to hear it. Until then I can only enjoy "The Stench of Doom" and recommend it. 
Standout track: "Reborn from the Reek" 
Final rate: 80/100 

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