Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Baalberith / Parh - Total Regression of Humanity

BAALBERITH / PARH - Total Regression of Humanity (NECRO CREW CD 2017)
This is a split CD of two very little known bands from city of Płock, Poland. There's Baalberith with their debut recording and Parh, who I already knew before from two pretty damn cool demos. This split was released by Necro Crew and I have to say that I was very eager to listen to it and see what it's like. 
So Baalberith starts, with four tracks of pretty vicious death / black metal. I quite like their music, with its harshness, close to primitive riffage and primeval aggression. I do realize it's nothing even close to the most impressive recordings of nowadays, but who cares. It's pretty good. Stylistically it is maybe close to such Kingdom (who're also from Płock), although it's mainly mid or even slow paced, so if you like to hear constant blast then Baalberith may disappoint you. But I advise you to check this band out, they have some cool ideas and riffs, the performance it not bad at all... so, this is quite solid debut effort. "Show Me Your God" is my favourite song here, I guess, but all stuff from Baalberith is equally good, so I will definitely watch this band in the future, hope to hear some more good shit from them. 
And now Parh. Well, if you've seen my reviews of their previous recordings like "Journey Through Wasteland" for example, then you may remember that I liked their music. It was pretty cool death / doom filth, soaked in the Autopsy and Swedish influence, with such great songs like "Kvlt Of Fear". Now I am listening to Parh's newest songs from this split and I think it's even more soaked in that stoner / doom / sludge type of shit, with almost no death metal influence left at all. OK, maybe I am exaggerating, because the Autopsy stench is still there. I have to say that some of these riffs are pretty damn cool, I like the feeling of Parh music, especially with that harsh production they have. On the other hand I wish they used more growls and not just these sick screams, when speaking of the vocals. The music is fine though, especially "Last Step" and "Somatic Hallucinations". But I don't like the song "Inner Voices", it's definitely the weakest thing I have heard from Parh so far. I have to admit that it took me a while before I started to enjoy this material, at first I felt like it's total garbage haha, seriously, but later I discovered some good riffs, good feeling, so I know I was wrong. It's nothing exceptional, it's not even my favourite Parh recording, but I can live with it. 
Final rate: 65/100 

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