Thursday, 24 August 2017

Voids of Vomit - Ritval Expiation

VOIDS OF VOMIT - Ritval Expiation (UNHOLY DOMAIN - CD 2017)
I never had a chance to hear anything from Italian combo Voids of Vomit before, but after shredding my ears with their newest EP "Ritval Expiation" I know that I have to grab their previous recordings also (split with Morbid Upheaval and "Veritas Ultima Vitae" EP). This is a killer band! Another one! Damn, how strong death and black metal scene is these days, it's unbelievable. There's no week, when I don't put my hands on another killer release or another new fantastic band. The only limitation is my wallet, I suppose. 
Anyway, it's been already seven years since Voids of Vomit did their previous recording (the mentioned "Veritas Ultima Vitae" EP). I don't know how was this old stuff like, but if it's anything similar to "Ritval Expiation", then it must be killer. On this new EP we get two killer death metal songs, spiced with a small blackened touch. The main focus in their music is on crushing, heavy riffage, but also on creating obscure, sinister atmosphere. The first song "Ritval Expiation of the Parracide" is my favourite of the two. It begins with quite slow paced riffs, where the first part will surely force you to bang your skull, as it's very memorable and catchy (sort of, at least haha). After a while it all speeds up though and gets more vicious, so it's nice, diverse song, with many great parts. I have to say that I love such style of death metal. Then "De Fetialivm Ritv" is even faster and more right in your face, but there's also a good balance between fast and slow parts. In both songs there're some keyboards to enhance the dark atmosphere and I have to say that they give something extra to the whole sound of Voids of Vomit. The music is very well played and composed, I like the harsh production a lot... so, it’s just ticks all the boxes of what I like to hear in such style of death metal. There's a bit of old Finnish style, a bit of US death metal heaviness and obscurity... Just nice unholy death metal.
Yeah... I have tape from Unholy Domain Records, but I would need to find a vinyl 7" version. There's also a CD, which contains the songs from Morbid Upheaval split as bonus, so that's a tempting release to find as well. You better find a copy also, it's definitely worth stuff. 
Final rate: 85/100(fuckin deserved!) 

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