Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Just Before Dawn - The Ghosts of the Eastern Front

JUST BEFORE DAWN - The Ghosts of the Eastern Front (TILL YOU FUKKIN BLEED - MC 2017)
Just Before Dawn continues their march through the Eastern front with another killer EP, which will bring delight to all fans of Swedish death metal"The Ghosts of the Eastern Front" basically follows the steps of the previous release, which was also an EP called "The Dead and Those About to Die", although this time we have just two new songs plus a cover track as a bonus. But obviously it's pure joy to listen to this stuff, if you liked Just Before Dawn albums, then you will like also "The Ghosts of the Eastern Front" for sure. 
As I already mentioned, the main dish of this release are two new songs, both are lengthy seven minutes long monsters of monumental and mournful death metal. The first song (it's the title track) is excellent, I like that sorrowful and epic atmosphere it has, plus I think that the melodic base and riffing in this song, with the bestial vocal performance of Rai Wolters of Departed Souls, is simply fuckin killer. Truly I think it may be one of the best Just Before Dawn songs ever, Anders Biazzi really nailed it and came up with the top-quality songwriting and arrangements. On the other hand, the second song “Lower Dnieper Offensive” I have to say is pretty mediocre, especially after the greatness of the previous anthem. This is lengthy, monotonous and thus slightly boring and tiering piece. Sure, it's quite similar to the other song, the atmosphere is again very sorrowful, but somehow I feel like Marc Niederhagemann (Lifeless) vocal performance lacks something, even the guitar solos of Eric Cutler (Autopsy) are a bit weird. 
In the end “Ordered Eastward” (Hail of Bullets) hits the speakers and blows them away with more savage and up-tempo death metal, it's fantastic song and Just Before Dawn with more vocal guest performances – this time from David Nilsson (Feral), Jonny Petterson (WombbathAshcloud) and Jörgen Kristensen (Dead Awaken) - did awesome job and hits my G-spot mercilessly.  
So yeah... I like Just Before Dawn music, I like the whole concept Anders Biazzi has for this project, also the idea of bringing various vocalists and other musicians is fantastic, even if it's nothing new. The quality of songs is sometimes various, his music can be sometimes too much one-dimensional, but I like it anyway.  "The Ghosts of the Eastern Front" is great EP! It's released on cassette by Till You Fukkin Bleed. In case you don't like tape format, do not worry, because all songs are also a part of "On the History of Destruction" CD, which was released through Dark Symphonies. Enjoy! 
Standout track: "The Ghosts of the Eastern Front" 
Final rate: 75/100 

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