Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Demonic Manifestation - World of Horror

There’s always something special about bands from the so called Latin Americas (or quite often there is haha). Many bands from those regions are characterised with the most obscure and cruel sounds, relentlessness and ferocious aggression, sometimes so much missed among the “professional” US or European acts. Think of the bands from Chile, Brazil or Peru! And Mexico is no different. There are great bands in this country, like Infinitum Obscure (sadly split up recently, what a shame!!), The Chasm, Denial or Omision. And now I have another killer band to recommend you called Demonic Manifestation. Their first album “World of Horror” was only just released by Dan’s Crypt Records and man, what a crusher it is. Although I do realize that some of you will not care, especially when I say that Demonic Manifestation plays old school death metal and more so, is hugely infected by the Swedish sound... Some of you will immediately start moaning that Mexicans should do something different, more personal and characteristic for their country’s fierceness and darkness. But who cares, it simply doesn’t matter when the music is so damn good as the one from “World of Horror”.
So, as already mentioned, this is old school death metal! We have many bands playing this style nowadays, many releases, so the question is what distinguishes Demonic Manifestation that I recommend them so much? What makes them more worthy than the dozens of other bands, which attack us, playing the traditional death metal ritual? Well, nothing, as Demonic Manifestation is just as typical or maybe I should say as traditional and classic as you can only imagine. These Amigos don’t pretend to do something fake and artificial, they don’t come up with some useless boring shit and also don’t even dare to experiment and being “sophisticated” metal. No, “World of Horror” is very much similar to many other bands – it surely has all the well known ingredients of both European (mainly Swedish) and American death metal, so there’s aggression, fast blasting parts, crushing slow hammers and some nice melodic accents. Plus there’s a total Swedish sound and killer harsh vocals. So, as said before, nothing what you wouldn’t know. Despite all that, Demonic Manifestation has a quality better than 90% of similar acts. And this their greatest strength.
And the key lays in good songwriting. These songs are not only powerful and aggressive, so they deliver a killer dose of energy and erupt with unstoppable force, but they’re also insanely catchy and memorable and finally have this awesome feeling and dark, horror aura. Demonic Manifestation came up with typical, but just killer riffs, proper arrangements, etc. Yes, it’s nothing innovative, but they learnt their lesson damn well and the result is simply awesome. I just love such playing and have never enough, if it’s only played with passion and power. “World of Horror” surely has all that. Yes, there are many bands alike, some maybe even better, but loads, which are not even half as good as Demonic Manifestation. Even some old veterans like Convulse can learn how to play killer death metal from those Amigos.
So, you decide whether you want another old school death metal band and another one, which is so deeply infected by the Swedish pestilence. From my side I can guarantee that “World of Horror” is simply fuckin solid and awesome record, this is just 666% complete death metal, with no bullshit, on the same level – and also very close stylistically – to such Revel In Flesh, etc. So, if you’re a fan then I strongly recommend Demonic Manifestation. If you’re a complainer and moaner, then go away.
Standout tracks: “Demonic Possession”, “Crematory”, “The Tomb is Open”, “Funeral Fuck”

Final rate: 70/100

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