Friday, 13 March 2015

Ligfærd - De ilde varslers ånder

LIGFAERD - De ilde varslers ånder (ANCIENT DARKNESS - 7"EP 2012)
Here’s Denmark’s Ligfærd. I know this band already from split CD with Pustulation – which was maybe nothing incredibly special, but a solid effort for sure. The thing I remember the most about this band is that I would never guess that their name is Ligfærd, when looking at their logo haha! Damn, I have no idea if the logo really says Ligfærd, as the letters simply don’t match haha. Jokes aside though, here’s their another recording “De ilde varslers ånder” EP, released by Ancient Darkness Productions. You know that I like all those 7” singles… They’re killer, collectable type of releases and this one is also a damn awesome piece for the collection, so I already must say that if you call yourself a black metal fanatic, then “De ilde varslers ånder” is surely something you need to search for.
Musically this is some seriously crushing ferocious and violent black metal, brilliantly filled with pure energy and aggression. The songs – and there are four tracks here, but one is only 40 seconds short – are mainly fast, but Ligfærd do some slower fragments here and there, so we have nicely diverse, but always fuckin fierce and cruel black metal attack in the Mayhem vein. “Når dombasunen lyder” is probably the most vicious song here, as it’s really damn pissed off and fast shredder, but I also like such “Anno Domini 950”, which may start with a slower part, but quickly erupts with another lava of hatred, of neckbreaking fast black metal. All in all, I must say that Ligfærd did awesome job here. I like all the songs, the performance with harsh, distorted vocals. I like also the production… really, good and recommendable stuff!
Final rate: 75/100

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