Friday, 20 March 2015

Anthem - Phosphorus

ANTHEM - Phosphorus (MAD LION - CD 2014)
There was a nice bunch of CDs, which I got from Mad Lion Records... and to be honest, of all bands, which are in this label's current roster two I like the most: Offence, whose “R.A.W.” is just a killer album... and Anthem, another Polish death metal force!!! Yeah, I know... we, Poles, have nothing better to do, so we only play death metal, drink vodka and eat potatoes haha! So what... we just do what we're good at... or some people are, as not all Polish death metal bands are that good. Anthem, whose debut album „Phosphorus” I am playing now, are maybe new to the scene (have anyone heard their demo or EP from 2007 and 2009? I don't think so haha), but their quality is undisputable and you can be sure that their music will blow your head off!
Musically it's just a total hurricane of death metal; it's a sonic destruction, total devastation and massacre! No bullshit, this stuff is just annihilation, as I can't describe such death metal in other way. It's brutal and heavy, mostly just totally fast and powerful, blowing out the speakers with great strength and energy. It's not so much original and unimaginable, but Anthem just does their job well. They have a lot in common with the traditional American death metal ways of annihilation, but a typical Polish character is there also (not to mention some Brazilian influences, from their neckbreaking samba haha). So, if you're into fast, brutal, but not over complex or technical death metal, but one which is just straight forward attack then „Phosphorus” is for you.
I like also that „Phosphorus” has a small old school feeling... so, what else can I add? Those 40 minutes of brutality were a killer time I just spent. As for the technical issues, I like the production of „Phosphorus” a lot, as it's properly heavy and energetic, but selective, with good drums and guitars sound. There are many awesome riffs and arrangements. And I must mention also the vocals. The lyrics are written in Polish, what gives maybe something unique to the whole, but let's be honest...  in majority of fragments you won't be able to recognize what language it is, as the growling of Vivi plus the ferocity of the music will not allow you to haha. Good, as I can't remember any examples of good sounding death metal with the Polish lyrics. So, the vocalist did an exceptional job, when transferring such a difficult language as Polish into the death metal music. Concluding then, as there are already too many compliments; „Phosphorus” is just damn good, killer album. The band is rather unknown so far, but I do wish them all the best as they're good enough to cause a serious bloodshed in the European death circles.
Final rate: 75/100

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