Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Blodfest - Ild vist ulmer

BLODFEST - Ild vist ulmer (ANCIENT DARKNESS - LP 2012)
There’s a bunch of killer releases from Ancient Darkness Productions, which I have seriously enjoyed a lot. But even this label has one or two releases, which I am not so much fond of. One such is Blodfest, with their fifth (!) full length LP “Ild vist ulmer”. Well, it’s actually the first time I hear about them, which may be weird, seeing how many recordings they’ve done. More so, it’s a bit weird to see a band formed in 1992 (and again including musicians, who’re involved in big number of other bands as well), but doing their first official demo in 2005, but that may be some lack of information in the Metal Archives profile. Anyway, past several demos, split releases and albums and I finally have “Ild vist ulmer” on vinyl. Fine, cool to have it, but I am afraid that the music of Blodfest does not impress me as much as I would wish. It’s just as much typical as it is mediocre black metal effort. And I am afraid that my life wouldn’t be much emptier if I never had a chance to hear “Ild vist ulmer”.
To give you an idea, just imagine the most typical harsh, raw, utterly chaotic, fast black metal, with a total violent and uncompromising attitude. This is exactly what is Blodfest sounding like. Absolutely no time to be wasted for melodies or any catchy and memorable tunes, “Ild vist ulmer” concentrates fully on the aggression and black metal cruelty. And it’s fine, but the problem is that Blodfest not only has no specifically high quality in their music, which would make it truly worthy, but also the whole album is just monotonous as hell, as each song sounds almost the same as all before. I miss some truly neckbreaking and killer riffs or exceptional fragments, which would make “Ild vist ulmer” to be more than just average and let’s be honest, also so damn easily forgettable release. I suppose that for many this overwhelming bestiality and chaos, with which Blodfest music emanates, will be their strength and these maniacs won’t be bothered about the poorness or lack of anything special here. I understand that, but I personally require something more. So, this one Ancient Darkness release is a weaker one.
Standout tracks: sorry, can’t decide on any, as none really stack in my head

Final rate: 55/100

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