Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Archives of the Dead part XIV: Accidental Suicide – Flesh Parade (Demo 1990)

Archives of the Dead part XIV: ACCIDENTAL SUICIDE – Flesh Parade (Demo 1990)
Line up: Steve Fera (bass), Chris Kinjerski (drums), Travis Staedter (guitars), Bill Mears (guitars), Ed Jackson (vocals)
You may agree with me or not – I don’t care anyway haha – but I think there are several death metal bands from the old days, which really should have gotten more attention. I do realize obviously that most of them released their debut albums simply too late and this is the reason why they didn’t get as popular as the pioneering bands – because there were pioneers and the followers and it is a huge difference. But it surely doesn’t mean that the music of those followers was not worthy or killer. In the US scene I could mention such awesome bands like Gutted, Morgue, Demented Ted, Resurrection, Viogression, Experiment Fear, even Morta Skuld and Baphomet… and I don’t even want to start with the European scene or with the bands which only did demos and never had any albums recorded. They all were awesome, but just didn’t get so much reputation. There’s one more band from the old US scene, which I will write here about – Accidental Suicide! They were great, really. There’s only one album released – “Deceased” from 1992 (Deaf Records) and couple of demo tapes, of which I especially like “Flesh Parade” from 1990. This is only a three tracker, but what a nice doomy death metal, what a cool demo!!
All three songs are also known from the album, as they were all re-recorded on “Deceased”, but it doesn’t matter. This demo is great anyway. Sound wise it is much harsher, but don’t be afraid; this raw production has great charm and feeling of the old death metal days. It sounds rough, but can you expect something else from the old demo tape?? And music wise, this is as traditional and classic as it can only be. Accidental Suicide had quite a lot of doomy moments, “The Life I Hate” is closely influenced even by such Paradise Lost, but what a godly stuff it is. I can understand that maybe more demanding listeners were not so impressed, as they heard similar stuff before several times, so they were calling Accidental Suicide a second rate band, but not me… I simply enjoy good death metal and this is what these three songs are. “Flesh Parade” is my favourite track here, as it is fantastic mid paced track, with just killer riffs and vocals. Absolutely perfect death tune! And also “The Life I Hate” is great, for its doomy, but heavy as fuck sound. Yes, it’s nothing innovative, nothing groundbreaking, but very solid brutal doom / death metal. Think of Paradise Lost, Morgoth, Obituary, Morta Skuld and Baphomet. A fine demo, but “Deceased” LP is even better! Anyway, please remember about Accidental Suicide; if you’re old death metal worshipper, then I am sure that you’ll like this band a lot.

Final rate: 70/100

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