Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Kalopsia - Sanguine Epitaph

KALOPSIA - Sanguine Epitaph (GODEATER - CD 2014)
So, that American beast called Kalopsia strikes with their new recording, which is “Sanguine Epitaph”, also unleashed by Godeater Records. This time it’s shorter material, it’s an EP actually, containing four tracks plus Lividity cover. All together – eighteen minutes of death metal brutality. And again, just when I was reviewing “Amongst the Ruins”, I must congratulate a very good artwork (this time by Maggot Meister…). And again I must also say some flattering words about the music. Yes, Kalopsia did good job once more and delivered music, which surely will cause a lot of sonic torment and ear bleeding!
I will be rather quick on this review, as there’s not much to write about, really. And that’s not because Kalopsia’s music is poor; no! It’s just because it’s only an EP, which is also a natural continuation of the “Amongst the Ruins”, so I would most likely have to repeat my words from my previous Kalopsia review, which I did. But let me say that I feel like Kalopsia is even more brutal on this EP and maybe they have quite old school vibe here, similar to some extremely powerful death metal records from the 90’s. Even the sound on “Sanguine Epitaph” is kind of rawer, not quite as clinically polished… It’s more like some old Suffocation and Cannibal Corpse records, you know?! And musically Kalopsia still deliver those ultra heavy, often fast and massive death metal riffs, quite technical but not too technical, which is good haha… Riffs, which are really damn awesome, accompanied by low growl and screaming vocals… Very enjoyable recording, I surely have listened to it with pleasure… and what else can I add? It’s death metal in the US vein. You either like it or hate it.

Final rate: 70/100

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