Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Wroth - Dispersion

WROTH - Dispersion (ANCIENT DARKNESS - 7"EP 2014)
This 7”EP brings a debut recording of Canadian band called Wroth. I don’t now really much about them, but I am guessing that it was formed by Jay Roth, also guitarist of bands like  Rites of Thy Degringolade and Ritual Necromancy. Here, he’s been joined by the members of some other, but unknown to me, bands like Dira Omen and Death Toll Rising. All together they recorded two songs and released them on this single titled “Dispersion”, recently released by Ancient Darkness. And you know… it’s always cool to find out about new bands and the pleasure is even bigger, when it turns out that they play some awesome music. And that is exactly the case with Wroth, whose black / death metal turned out to be damn good!
If I had to find some comparisons, then I think I would bring the name of Ares Kingdom to the table, maybe also Destroyer666, but Wroth is more melodic and less raw and vulgar than the latter of these two. But Ares Kingdom is the first band I thought about, when started to listen to “Dispersion”. Wroth also combines death and black metal in similar way, creating quite lengthy songs, with impressively built structures and arrangements, with a good balance between harsh, sometimes fast, aggressive music and slower, more melodic playing, like in the first song “Of Ash and Smoke”, which is almost epic, I think! Generally Wroth music is very easily listenable, it doesn’t take much time to catch its feeling and also catch some great, memorable parts. I must also say that not only I like some particular riffs, arrangements and the overall atmosphere of Wroth music, but also the vocals and the production of “Dispersion” is simply very good. So, Wroth knows how to play some vicious, aggressive death / black metal (listen to the opening riffs of “Insular Existence”, killer!) and both songs are just an impressive beginning of a new band. So, I am waiting for the future recordings… and if there was anything I could with for, then I hope that Wroth next songs will have even more of those powerful, aggressive and violent parts and don’t turn into too melodic side, because this is when the band sounds simply the best!

Final rate: 73/100

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