Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Black Horizonz - Koma

New band on the horizon! This one is not a newcomer though, as I am listening to their third album already… but I’ve never heard the two previous ones or even the band moniker was unknown, so for me it’s something new. This is German band Black Horizonz with the album “Koma”, released by Godeater Records. I must say then that this band managed to interest me with their music a lot and well… it turned to be a very solid and worthy album! I’ve enjoyed it quite a lot, even if it’s not the most spectacular and neck breaking material… but damn good it is for sure.
I suppose that musically Black Horizonz presents stuff, which surely is not to be considered as a common and typical black metal stuff. It’s one of those bands, who use the fundaments of the genre and then create something more original and individual. Maybe if I had to make some comparisons, then I would mention one of my favourite black metal bands, also from Germany, Secrets of the Moon, but on the other side of the coin there would be more classic bands, even such Darkthrone… but it is only quite loose similarity and all in all Black Horizonz is doing their own stuff. So, who cares about comparisons, let’s just enjoy some really awesome music! Ha, who knows, if it isn’t the best CD of all, which I’ve heard from Godeater!? Yes, what a killer music…. And what a great atmosphere on the album!
I guess that to describe this album to you is quite difficult thing for me to do. It’s just not so easy. How can I explain something so varied, with so many layers and different sorts of playing and emotions, but still rooted in black metal genre? It’s just impossible. Sure, they also have some traditional songs, like “Kvltpropaganda”, which is even close to some of the Darkthrone’s pre-heavy punk metal albums. And that song is just fuckin killer, I love it totally, especially its cold aura and that it’s so damn infective (you’ll scream “Diabolic – Rite – kvltpropaganda… Intensive to the core” for sure haha)!!! Also similar type of song is “Sin Command” and again, it has great feeling, killer riffing, also sometimes close to such Carpathian Forest… Black Horizons sometimes also erupts with truly unstoppable and harsh attack of fast black metal, such as “Ultimate Parasite”… Some other songs are more unconventional though or maybe I should rather say that they combine some harsh, traditional elements (with great Nocturno Culto-like vokills) with slightly different, but not necessarily experimental stuff. Don’t worry; it isn’t shit pile like Ved Buens Ende haha! But check such “Fragment: Blacklight” or “Ultimate Parasite” for that matter. And also “koma Circle”, which is such a sick tune, dark and harsh, but it even has some melodic parts and a nice guitar solo somewhere near the end. And do I hear some Shining influences in “Closing the Triangle”? So, a lot of contrast on this album, sometimes even within one song. But this is why I think “Koma” is not a standard black metal album. Black Horizons managed to combine the traditional raw black metal with some different ideas (they even call it eccentric black metal haha... why not? Haha) and the result is awesome. I like it a lot, so a high recommendation from me… Check this out.
Standout tracks: “Kultpropaganda”, “Sin Syndrome”, “Ultimate Parasite”

Final rate: 77/100

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