Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Disorder - Pure Hatred

DISORDER - Pure Hatred (Self financed CD 2014)
This is an awesome surprise, which arrived to me from an unknown Polish band! They’re called Disorder… and well, supposedly they’ve been formed already in 2000 and even recorded one album in 2006 (titled “Confess”), but I think the number of people, who heard it is even smaller than a number of people, who really liked the new Morgoth or Massacre songs haha! So, very, very small haha! Anyway, in 2014 Disorder recorded their second album, called “Pure Hatred” and self released it on CD. Hmm, I must say they did a nice job when releasing this album... nice artwork and layout, good printing quality… more so, they even did a promotional video, which is also quite professional! So, I think Disorder invested some money into their band, to promote it properly. Finally! - we can say as it seems like all the previous years were wasted. And I say “finally” also because this new album is just damn good, in my opinion!
Yeah. “Pure Hatred” kicks ass, it’s very solid and brutal album, and Disorder is surely another awesome name on the Polish death metal scene. It’s truly powerful, brutal, fast as hell death metal, very much in the US vein… There are only positives: really great, crushing sound quality, which let every riff erupt with volcanic strength, blowing the speakers out.... The sound is very good, but still slightly raw and stinking with the tomb! Which is good haha! And Disorder’s death metal is just mighty, very heavy, massive, damn fast… Majority of these songs is speeding like crazy, stylistically close to such gods like Morbid Angel, Hate Eternal, Nile, Immolation, etc. They’re also quite technical, but not crossing the useless guitar-masturbation line, which is again good for me… and more so, Disorder just know how to compose some awesome, memorable riffs, create a dark, brutal atmosphere… And Kat’s vocals are also great.
So, as you can see, I only speak in positive tone about “Pure Hatred”. It’s always fantastic to hear an unknown band, which impress you so much! Like Disorder did! They just don’t sound like newcomers, but experienced band, which knows what they want and how to achieve these aims. With such bombs like „Murder’s Instinct”, „Disorder” or „Wacht Am Rhein” it’s just a win, but also a slower track like “Humiliation” is damn good. So… recommended and worth our support!
Standout tracks: „Murder’s Instinct”, „Disorder”, „Wacht Am Rhein”, “Humiliation”

Final rate: 75/100
Video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKaaY3zspVA

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