Friday, 5 December 2014

Revel in Flesh / The Dead Goats - split 7"EP

I was waiting for this split 7”EP impatiently. Two killer underground death metal bands on one single – it was impossible not to catch the bait! And I did not resist! Revel In Flesh and The Dead Goats offer one song each and Selfmadegod did very good job releasing this EP – awesome artwork and beautiful red / black splatter vinyl limited to 100 copies (with 400 additional black vinyls hehe). It simply is a must to have for collectors like myself, who likes both bands a lot and also love split EPs (and I know not everyone is into them so much).
So, I have listened to this EP several times now and I can say that definitely The Dead Goats wins here for me. I simply love their song titled “From Hell He Comes”. Great, bone crushing opening riff, which is very much in the well known Dismember style from “Indecent and Obscene” LP, quite fast and nicely aggressive it sets the mood, which is underlined by the furious, quite unusual for this sort of music, harsh vocals… and then a second part of the song begins, which I simply love. It is a classic Swedish melodic guitar, with slow, sorrowful riff… What an awesome atmospheric piece! Yes, I simply love it. And maybe this is also why I think that “From Hell He Comes” is The Dead Goats’ best song so far and definitely my true favourite from this split EP. I give it 90/100 with an ease.
Meanwhile Revel In Flesh brings “Phlebotomy”. And it is a good song, but… well, I have collected and listened lately also three other split 7”EPs with Revel In Flesh that were released in 2014 and they were all great, but hmm… I think that it may be a reason why I feel like “Phlebotomy” is simply more mediocre song? Don’t get me wrong. It is still rather good and enjoyable old styled death metal, more or less with a strong Swedish influence, but very rough and obscure, nicely aggressive tune. Surely it is enough to please maniacs like me. But to be objective, Revel In Flesh did better on their previous releases, especially on their full length albums, but also when speaking of the split EPs I liked such “A Chant of Misery” more. “Phlebotomy” is all right, but it also sounds like a an outtake; deserves 70/100. This song is more like maybe a small appetizer before “Death Kult Legions” comes!
All in all, an awesome split, with two great bands.

Final rate: 79/100

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