Friday, 30 January 2015

Parh - Nihil

PARH - Nihil (Demo 2014)
Time for a new filth from the Polish underground! This band is called Parh and I have no idea if “Nihil” is their debut or not or when they were formed… I suppose it doesn’t even matter, the point is that this demo is really fuckin cool. And more so, I am so glad to say that it is unlike to anything else what you can expect and usually get from Polish metal bands! So, don’t expect the high tech Behemoth like death metal or other stuff. Parh is just from completely different planet, but still extreme in its own way. And by the way, this band from Plock has a drummer who is also a vocalist in Mort Douce, killer band! Ha!
Now trust me... I know that the front cover of this demo doesn’t look promising or attractive, but it is very misleading impression. It’s really cool demo! Filthy, obscure, disgusting and fuckin doomy metal! Musically it is quite sludgy, slow stuff, with some really old styled riffs and a lot of heaviness and maybe also a small trace of melody, but vocal wise this demo for me is a total Chris Reifert worship! And this is why I immediately had Abscess in my mind, when I listened to Parh for the first time! Yes, Abscess and obviously also Autopsy come to my mind and it is a compliment! And I bet you all know that sick, disturbing vomit of Reifert! Rafał, who screams in Parh, is actually really good at it also! All together, with the raw sound and heavy, bass molesting music it creates a killer, but disgusting, obscure atmosphere and damn… if you like Abscess, Necrophagia, Repulsion, Anatomia etc then this demo is for you! I like it and I am so glad that “Nihil” came from a Polish band, that makes it even more special! Really cool debut!
Standout tracks: “Kings of Filth”

Final rate: 80/100

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