Thursday, 22 January 2015

Devilry - Muslim Genocide

DEVILRY - Muslim Genocide (BREATH OF PESTILENCE - EP 2006)
I thought that now, when there’s such a big panic in Europe and fear for the fuckin Jihad, especially after the recent events in Paris, it would be good to show what I think about all that fuckin muslim shit. So, I decided to play “Muslim Genocide” by Finnish band called Devilry! I honestly don’t know much about this band, I only know a couple of their releases, one which is a split 7” with Throneum and another one, which is this 7” single from 2006, released by Breath of Pestilence. They have also several other splits and EPs, plus one full length album “Rites for the Spring of Supremacy”, but I never heard them. Anyway, “Muslim Genocide” is just a killer extreme death / black metal slab and one big fuck off and death wish to the muslim shit fucks.
There are two tracks plus two intros… and damn, the music of Devilry is just so damn vicious, so fuckin violent and bestial! This is like a combination of some of the most obscure and fast, extreme black metal bands with the intense, bulldozing brutality of bands like Angel Corpse, Impiety and Order From Chaos. Absolutely hateful and cruel. The sound of this EP is raw and harsh, but powerful and both songs are simply intense and bestial. These two songs are very uncompromising and straight forward, Devilry doesn’t even think about incorporating some melodic accents or whatever useless crap you want to hear. And that sounds so damn good for my ears, especially with this uncompromising message behind this EP! Yes, this is what I wanted to hear after the fuckin terrorist events in Paris. Muslim genocide!

Final rate: 75/100

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