Thursday, 22 January 2015

Ferosity - Blasphemous Verses

FEROSITY - Blasphemous Verses (LET IT BLEED - CD 2014)
For quite a while there was a silence around Ferosity. Their last album, “Primordial Cruelty” was released in 2009, but I feel like it didn’t get the deserved recognition. I didn’t see many reviews and interviews after all. I blame the record label, Redrum 666 a little bit, this label sucks, when speaking of the promotion! Anyway, Redrum is I think dead now (I am not sure though), but luckily Ferosity continues their death metal crusade, in 2014 releasing the newest album “Blasphemous Verses” through another small Polish label Let It Bleed Records. I must say that I am happy to see this band still going strong and doing a new CD! Both previous albums of this Ferosity were surely good, brutal death metal beasts and “Blasphemous Verses” is a worthy continuation of the previous works.
But this review will be short, really. There’s not much bullshit philosophy or sophistication behind “Blasphemous Verses”; it’s a straight forward, brutal death metal, simple as that. Blood, gore, extremity, blasphemy… US styled death fuckin metal in the vein of Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Malevolent Creation and many other similar heroes. I am happy to say that Ferosity again managed to rise the quality level of their music and again just slays like crazy with these ten deadly weapons. This music is obviously nothing unremarkable, it’s not an album, which will be set in the annals of death metal history… It’s just solid and good stuff, nothing more. But the death metal fans will appreciate and enjoy it, I am sure of that. All songs are very even, none of them stands for me as the best one (but maybe after some more careful listens I will choose one, who knows), the band is consequently doing their best job… Very good technically, nice, vicious production. Yes, solid and worthy bestial death metal!

Final rate: 70/100

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