Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Sigihl - Trauermarsche

SIGIHL - Trauermarsche (ARACHNOPHOBIA - CD 2014)
If you’ve read some of my previous reviews then you may remember my quite enthusiastic feedback for Arachnophobia Records’ releases such as the albums from Odraza, Genius Ultor and Abusiveness. Yes, these are superb stuff. But more recently I was forced to give rather mediocre review to Eerie’s debut CD… which wasn’t bad, but also nothing truly spectacular or as good as the previous Arachnophobia releases. And now it got even worse! Damn, I feel like this new CD, from another newcomer called Sigihl, is just totally disappointing and nothing what I really would like to listen to. Let’s call it simply - “Trauermarsche” is not my flask of vodka! More so, I can’t remember when was the last time, when I got such a big headache, when listening to music… I tried to get into the atmosphere of this album, feel its essence… but no, I just failed. And I am not even sure if we can call it “music” or maybe rather noisy “anti-music”. But who cares. And maybe there is some sick control over this madness, but I can’t see it and all I can say is that “Trauermarsche” was more like a torture rather than an entertainment.
The idea for music, which Sigihl has, is really crazy. This is some sick and unlistenable fusion of slow, doomy sounds with all that drone / sludge and other shit, which people usually use, when hearing some experimental music… All is built on distortion, heavy, ear-drilling bass and no guitar, as far as I am concerned. On top of that, there’s saxophone, which creates even more schizophrenic mood and has almost a leading role in the music, delivering some sort of… melody? Is that how we should call it? And it’s accompanied by a lot of noise and other effects and absolutely hilarious screaming vocals, which sounds almost inhuman. The final result is something rather far from what I call black metal (and this genre appears quite often, when people describe Sigihl). It’s music without even the slightest sign of harmony or anything pleasant; it’s disharmony, cacophony, noise and distortion – and all will drill your head and deliver pain and pain and pain again. I hardly find myself interested in such masochism. And maybe Sigihl has an original idea, maybe they see it going somewhere, to the target they have set and for them it all makes sense, has its beginning and end… but not for me. I can hardly stand it and truly I could not find even one small part of “Trauermarsche”, which I would like with no hesitation, really!
This is almost unlistenable. More so, this album is so fuckin boooorrring! Take the first two tracks… both are almost identical to me, for being built on similar patterns and “riffs” (or how would you call it hehe!), both have the same slow and boring tempo, the same hysterical vocals… And inside of these songs, absolutely nothing happens; it’s the same shit going on all the time, without any effort putted to interest me (me, the listener, not reviewer!), to make something spectacular and memorable. It just sounds like Sigihl had an idea for one song, but made two instead. Or four, because let’s be honest – the remaining two tracks are also very alike. Maybe some will say that this music will put in you in some sort of trance, it will hypnotize you… For me it is boring and barely listenable. I know it gets rather positive reviews... But even if I am the only one who doesn't like it... I don't care.
Standout tracks: none

Final rate: 50/100

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