Thursday, 29 January 2015

Escarnium - Genocide Ritual

ESCARNIUM - Genocide Ritual (MISANTHROPIC Records - 7"EP 2014)
I hope you all know and remember Escarnium, a killer Brazilian death squad, which delivered a truly awesome album titled “Excruciating Existence” couple of years ago and before that also some very nice demos, collected under “Rex Vormitorum” title. Yes, for me this is one of the strongest and most interesting, worthy South American bands at the moment, so I kept my eyes open for some new recordings of them… and finally a new EP came under the title “Genocide Ritual”, released on 7” vinyl by the unknown Misanthropic Records. And let me tell you that this is another insane recording from Escarnium. This band is just awesome and I can’t already wait for their upcoming full length album.
As for “Genocide Ritual”, there’s only one thing, which I don’t like about it… and that’s very short duration of this EP. Only two songs and about six minutes of music! OK, I know this is a single and they’re always short, but nowadays some bands come up with 7”EPs with ten or more minutes of music, so six is maybe slightly not enough for me hehe! It just finishes too quick, each side goes by with the lightning speed… and I want more of this crushing, dark, brutal death metal! Anyway, Escarnium, just like such killer bands as Demonic Rage or Coldblood, deliver fantastic dose of South American death metal highly influenced by two major US heroes: Immolation and Incantation! Of course, there are some more influential bands, but these two are the major ones. And when I mention these two, then you’ll immediately know what to expect from this music. And it is a real crazy, fast, massively heavy and violent death metal, perfectly executed and with awesome production, not to mention the dark, gloomy atmosphere. Escarnium waste no time, take no prisoners, but delivers their artillery with no hesitation and fire with no mercy. I just love both songs here, especially “Radioactive Doom”… it’s a stunning release, so I am sure that all maniacs of this style will love it also. Well, if you liked “Excruciating Existence” then “Genocide Ritual” will not disappoint you. I’m waiting for more and a longer recording!

Final rate: 83/100

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