Friday, 23 January 2015

Exit Humanity - Undead Savior

EXIT HUMANITY - Undead Savior (GOD EATER - CD 2014)
There’s a nice pile of CDs from Godeater Records lying in front of me and this morning I took one of them, which is Exit Humanity’s “Undead Savior”. It’s been playing almost for the whole day and I must say that this is really cool debut material. It’s actually a demo, first released on tape but now also available on the CD… Which is good, as those Germans really did a nice job on their debut.
Or maybe I should be more precise… There’s still some room for improvement, for getting better and better, for sure Exit Humanity will need to work even more on their songwriting, making it even more interesting and killer, with even more lethal riffs and great feeling. But for the debut recording, “Undead Savior” is already very solid and nice release! I like it. Those Germans perform some old styled, filthy death metal, pretty slow and brutal, also slightly groovy, with that feeling and riffing, which may remind you Grave, who I think must have been the main influence for Exit Humanity! And it’s not just the riffs, but even the vocals are quite close to good old Ola Lindgren hehe! Also think of Vomitory, Torture Division, Paganizer and the old UK scene with Bolt Thrower, Benediction… plus all such similar bands and you know… This is pure, groovy, dynamic and aggressive death metal, with very few melodic accents, which will lead you straight to the Swedish soil… Simple, not too technical, but effective and aggressive, quite memorable stuff, with just good, solid songs. It’s an easy listen, with no stress, just a pleasure from hearing some classic old styled death metal. Exit Humanity, as I wrote before, may not be the most impressive band around these days and sure, they will need to work on their music more and more, but I already like them. And “Undead Savior” is just damn good. More so, I also really love the artwork for this CD. Damn, what a nice, blasphemous picture of zombie Jesus and apostles!
Standout track: “Plague of the Undead”

Final rate: 70/100

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