Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Repuked / Haemophagus - Split EP

First thought, which I had in my mind when I looked at this 7" vinyl was "who the fuck came out with an idea to do it in such an awful green colour?!!" hehe. Yeah, it may look even worse than the pink colouring of the split between Anatomia and Offal hehe! But maybe it is a trademark of No Posers Please! Records hehe??? Anyway, the colour of the vinyl is less important... Let's listen to some filthy, disgusting gore grind death metal, shall we??!! Two bands are here. First one if called Repuked and I know these crazy Swedes' music only from the debut album "Pervertopia" and the second is Italian Haemophagus, whose name I know because some of their members are now also in Undead Creep, but I haven't heard their music yet. By the way, this 7" split with Repuked is already the eight split release, which Haemophagus participates in. Not bad, hehe!
Now, speaking of the music. I guess that both bands are reserved only for really die hard maniacs of gory death metal. Why? Well, it is so disgusting, so filthy, so rude and obscure that I think that some of the fans of more polished sound (from Sunlight, etc) can feel pushed away by such Repuked. But! Who cares? I like it. Repuked is really cool. I like the fact that these Swedes don't sound like a typical death metal band from their country; there's absolutely no trace of classic feeling and melody of other bands from Sverige, instead they gasp into the classic death / gore / grind scene from USA and such bands as Autopsy (OF CORPSE!! Who else!?), Abscess, Repulsion, Impetigo, Necrophagia, etc etc... This is truly crazy band, with chaotic riffs, raw production and vocals vomiting some truly disgusting - but also kind of funny hehe - lyrics. Such song as "Where the Fungus Grows" is just a fun to listen to and that's it. Nothing innovative here, nothing what you can play on your grandma's birthday, but if you're looking for some sick sounds to accompany after watching some old horror movies, then this is perfect. And Haemophagus fits here perfectly. They may have slightly cleaner production, but musically it is pure old school death grind. There are four songs here! Yeah, four, but two of them are very short. One is titled " Owner of a Necrotic Intestine" (and it is Regurgitate cover) and another one is "Viscera Pie" - both are barely 40 seconds short, while the remaining two tracks are 2,5 and 3 minutes long. Stylistically they remind me Pungent Stench a little, but I think they also have some sort of Swedish death / grind touch in their music as well... All in all, I definitely enjoyed their part of the split a lot. It is quite catchy, great for headbanging, almost kind of catchy music, way less filthy and not as chaotic as Repuked stuff, but that doesn't mean it is not brutal! Oh yeah, there are also some sick and fast parts here and there! Very good band, indeed, and I am sure I will get some mor eof their music soon.
All in all, very good split EP here. I've enjoyed both bands, maybe Haemophagus little bit more... but Repuked is also great and sick as hell. "Piss, cum, puke, drinks of analjuice from asshole bloodshit pour, unquenchable thirst for me!" Oh yeah! Hehehehe!
Final rate: 75/100

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