Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Hin Hale - Beyond

HIN HALE - Beyond (FALLEN TEMPLE - 7"EP 2014)
I have just been introduced to this band from Västeras by Fallen Temple Records, who are releasing their 2010 demo on 7" vinyl (14 minutes of music on one 7" - fuck!). And damn, this Swedish horde of death slays like crazy and I must say that I love such sounds of obscure, utterly evil and merciless thrashing speed black metal. Fuck yeah, total old school and classic metal, embraced in filthy, but readable production, with slashing riffs, harsh vocals... Give me more of that! Here is Hin Hale (what stands for Satan in old Swedish!). "Beyond" is their 2010 demo, and so far it's also the only recording of the band... if you've never had a chance to listen to them, do it now.
I cannot imagine a better sound for such music that the one, which the guys from Hin Hale have on this recording. Awesome guitar tone, the drums, which sound like drums, not some computer sampled shit... and more so, there's this smell of sulphur and great EVIL atmosphere floating around everything. Musically Hin Hale reminds me many bands, and obviously many would be classic 80's acts, but from "newer" hordes I would especially mention Nifelheim, Damnation (Sweden), Sabbat, Pest (Sweden, from their recent LP!), Witchmaster, Necrocurse, Repugnant and even some of my recent favourites - Slaughter Messiah from Belgium and Desolator from US. These four songs are excellent; they are catchy as hell, slay with killer riffs and sound exactly as I like in this sort of music. Maybe the only thing, which I would probably change are some high pitched vocals, which appear here and there, as I have never been a huge fan of those, but I can live with them; all in all speed metal is a great influence for Hin Hale, so there must be some high pitched screams here and there hehe. "Beyond / Morbid Black", "Plaguestorm" and "Witches End" are my favourite songs here, but honestly all four are awesome and I like Hin Hale music a lot. Hope that this band will release some more music, as it's already been almost four years since they have recorded "Beyond". Totally recommended 7" then and the best Fallen Temple release so far.
Final rate: 90/100

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