Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Necroven - Descent into the Cryptic Chasm

NECROVEN - Descent into the Cryptic Chasm (BLOOD HARVEST - 7"EP 2014)
Necroven... If I can be honest, I have not heard any music from this band, until just last week. But don't blame me; there are so many great old styled death metal bands around that it becomes almost impossible to check all of them and buy every CD or LP, which appears. So, this way I never had a chance to hear Necroven demos or debut album "Woship of Humiliation" (released by Memento Mori). But recently Blood Harvest Records released Necroven's newest recording, which is a 7"single titled "Descent into the Cryptic Chasm" and I finally decided it is about time to check what J.R. is having to offer in his solo project. And damn, "Descent into the Cryptic Chasm" is just killer and I need to get "Worship of Humiliation" asap... I am very curious what this album is like. And if it is as good as this small vinyl then it is a blast!
OK then... "Descent into the Cryptic Chasm" are two tracks of slimy, doomy, heavy, grim and eerie death metal. There are some traces of bands such as Immolation, Incantation, Vital Remains, Asphyx, Ignivomous, Cruciamentum, as well as the classic Finnish and Swedish scenes, so it is nothing original and unusual nowadays, but it doesn't matter as both songs, which Necroven has recorded for this EP are just awesome. They just sound like a fuckin bulldozer, it is a damn slaughter and nothing can stop the bloodshed! They also freeze blood with creepy horror atmosphere of Lovecraftian mythology, of horrendous creatures and obscure places. Yeah, we all love such death metal and believe me that Necroven really composed a couple of killer songs for this single. I especially liked the song titled "Weapons of Degration"; it is just truly amazing and bloodshedding music, with excellent riffs, killer vocals... It is very intense, speeding up near the end, so the riffs are like the wall of sound or maybe I should write the walls of coffin, in which you're closed... you're running out of air and the claustrophobic, panic feeling is growing and growing, the walls of coffin seems to be closing and closing, when you're trying to grasp one more breath... Really excellent song, but the track from side A (title song) is equally killer, here also everything sounds just perfect and that gloomy atmosphere with more melodic riff, reminding me the good old Nihilist a lot, is just superb.
All in all I must say that Necroven impressed me a lot and "Descent into the Cryptic Chasm" is just brilliant. It is always a fantastic feeling when you get to know a new band and this band turns out to be so incredibly great that you just want to play their music over and over again. This is exactly what I feel when I listen to this 7"single and believe me, it is not an exagerration, but these two songs are better than 90% of other old styled death metal stuff, which is active nowadays. Yeah, now I need to get some other recordings of Necroven, it is a fuckin must for me!
Final rate: 90/100

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