Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Incarceration - Sacrifice

I remember when couple of years ago I was contacted by a Brazilian dude Daniel Silva, who informed me about his new band Incarceration and the digital split with Escarnium, which he did and which was titled “Decrepit Aberration”. Meanwhile Daniel moved over to Germany, found some musicians, who joined his band and now almost two years later I can listen to the first official Incarceration release, which is “Sacrifice” 7” single, released by Dawnbreed Records from Holland. Cool! This limited to 500 copies EP is truly a feast for death metal maniacs and I dare to say that it won’t leave anyone careless as this is truly awesome and lethal piece of old school filthy slab of death metal. OK, it may not be quite as brilliant as some other stuff, which you can listen to nowadays from bands like Lifeless, Slaughterday, Revel In Flesh or Chapel of Disease, to stay just within the Germania borders, but there’s enough great riffing and eerie, horror atmosphere in Incarceration to enjoy their music as well. Besides, this is only their debut recording, so I can only imagine what will this Brazilian / German project prepare next, how fierce their next attack will be.
“Sacrifice” is a 7” vinyl, so obviously there’s not much music, three songs are closed in ten minutes. but within these ten minutes there’s so much ferocity, viciousness, aggression and powerful energy that it will be enough to cause a hear damage and eye bleed, when you start the maniacal headbanging and your neck gets hurt. Just listen to the first song “Forsaken and Forgotten” – that fierce, slaying riffing, tempo, which is fast all the way through – from start to finish… Excellent, violent song. “Sacrifice” is again simply killer, again quite fast, but maybe with a little bit more variety, so the tempo is not constantly fast, but there’re some slower fragments as well. And there is always a memorable chorus, so you will be able to scream it while shaving. “Cemetery of Life”, “Sacrifice”… Result is crushing. Yeah, and if you like bands such as Omnizide, Verminous and Degial, then Incarceration will be perfect for you. So, remember this band name, they are one of these new generation old styled death metal bands, which we all love so much, even if their music is not original at all. I’m ready for more bloodshed.
Final rate: 80/100

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