Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Hell - Obedience - Promo MMXIII

HELL - Obedience - Promo MMXIII (Self financed MC 2013)
This is the second of two projects of Crystallis, which he has sent me lately on tapes. Musically Hell is quite different to what I have heard on Alcoholichrist’s “Sickness Addiction”. The whole tape titled “Obedience - Promo MMXIII” contains four songs, plus my copy also have a new bonus song. Anyway, I must say that while Alcoholichrist was utterly depressive, harsh and misanthropic doomy black metal, Hell presents something what I like even more. There are quite few moments, which make me think of the classic Greek black metal scene, with such bands as Deviser, old Rotting Christ, Necromantia, Varathron – and really Hell is quite close musically to these cults, especially in the more melodic songs, such as “Ascending the Scales of Belial” or truly phenomenal “Obedience”, which surely is the best song from here, with a brilliantly possessing, memorable chorus. Hell definitely is more oriented towards creating the dark atmosphere and damn! They’ve done it perfectly, with these great riffs and more kind of whispering vocals. Yeah, I truly like this material, it is short, but really good. These two songs, which I mentioned above are probably my favourites, but “Submersive Emotion” is also excellent, with harsher and more aggressive mood, maybe kind of similar to some Shining stuff, so more in the Scandinavian sound… I must also say that sometimes I feel like there are similarities to new Greek BM scene with Acherontas and Serpent Noir, to bring just these two examples. Hell presents the classic approach towards the black metal, but what must be pointed out is that the production is not that primitive, garage, where you can barely hear anything, and that is good, because otherwise you would just loose so much… Luckily it is not the case here and I can truly say that “Obedience” is just great demo and Hell is a must have for all the maniacs of underground black metal.
Final rate: 80/100

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