Thursday, 14 November 2013

Loits - Meeste Muusika

LOITS - Meeste Muusika (7"EP 2004 - SEARING SPEAR)
It’s about time for another 7”EP from the trilogy of singles, which were recorded by Loits. This one is called “Meeste Muusika” and was released in 2004 by Searing Spear, this time limited to 512 copies. The layout is twin to the one from “Legion Estland”, even the insert is similar… but that was obviously intentional, as this way you know it is a continuation of something, not a separate entity.
There are two songs on “Meeste Muusika” – and let me start with the one titled “Metsavend”. Why? Well, this one is unreleased and you won’t find it on any other Loits studio recording. It is really good song, but also one, which quite surprised me, as it is slightly different to most of the usual Loits stuff. It is even more atmospheric than their usual stuff, with a lot of clean acoustic guitar used through the large part of the song, later they also used accordion, so the atmosphere is generally very melancholic in it. Oh, I forgot to add that the vocals are also more unusual, as there is mainly clean voice mixed with a black metal shriek. So, it really sounds more untypical, but still damn good, although I may understand, if someone won’t like the clean vocals, because Lembetu’s voice is better when he uses black metal shrieking voice rather than the clean singing. Anyway, the song is good enough. B side of the single presents song titled “Soomepoiss” and it is yet another track, which was also featured on “Vere Kutse Kohustab” album. They’ve changed the arrangements a little, I think they’ve added some acoustic guitars to it in the opening part, to complete the atmosphere and yeah… it does sound OK for me.
“Meeste Muusika” is definitely a good addition to my collection. I like the music of Loits and this EP is really cool, maybe not as awesome as “Legion Estland”, which I liked little bit more, but not far behind. The last part of the trilogy of Loits EPs is called “Raiugem Ruunideks” and was recorded in 2003. Originally it was supposed to be released the same year, but somehow it remains unreleased… Finally Drakkar is going to press it on 7” vinyl at the end of 2013, so I am really looking forward to get it and give it a listen and to have the trilogy finally completed.
Final rate: 75/100

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