Thursday, 14 November 2013

Loits - Legion Estland

LOITS - Legion Estland (LEDO TAKAS - 7"EP 2002)
If you’ll look carefully into their discography you may notice that a decade ago Loits has released a trilogy of 7”EP singles. I think it was really cool and kind of unusual idea, I like it a lot, especially as all these EP’s share not just the concept, but also have similar type of artwork and musically collect material written and recorded between 2002 and 2004 (depends which single we talk about). “Legion Estland” is the first of the three, which came out, released by Ledo Takas Records back in July 2002, limited to 658 hand numbered copies. All the stuff has been recorded in 2001 and contains four songs… and here is one thing, which bothers me a little – among the four, two are the songs, which we can find also on the “Vere Kutse Kohustab” album… Sure, these are their earlier versions, but still it would be better, if such EP offered only exclusive and unheard material. Such as “Terasvanne” and “Demon’s Night”, which is a cover of another Estonian band called Tharaphita – these are the other two tracks in here.
And the two songs, which also appeared on the second album, are “Vanade Leegionäride Laul” and “Furor Aesticus”. The latter is definitely one of my favourite songs of Loits, so I always like to listen to it and in this EP version it is just as good as on the album… I think that Loits has changed some arrangements a little, like for instance the beginning of “Vanaed…” is changed, but that’s good. Obviously “Legion Estland” has slightly rougher sound, but still the production is pretty neat and clean, I like the guitar tone especially! This EP only proves how awesome Loits is… I mean “Vanade Leegionäride Laul” is excellent song, with so awesome riffs and vocal parts… it reminds me Sear Bliss somehow and you know, Sear Bliss is also a special band for me. And “Furor Aesticus” is even better, it may even be my favourite Loits song in general! I especially like that opening riff from it… really good stuff. Then “Terasvanne” is more like a neoclassical ambient intro – one which would fit projects such as Von Thronstahl… and finally the cover. I only know one album from Tharaphita, so I wasn’t familiar with “Demon’s Night” before I have listened to “Legion Estland”. But it sounds awesome; pure old school metal! Great cover, indeed!
Hmm, despite that “Legion Estland” contains not just an exclusive material, but also some well tried and known songs, it still kicks ass. Loits have great talent to compose truly involving and interesting material and this EP – which I suppose nowadays is a nice collectable item – is also just awesome. Two really good tracks, plus fantastic cover tune and sort of intro / ambient track… good! I have no more questions!
Final rate: 80/100

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