Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Infinitum Obscure - Obscuridad Eterna

INFINITUM OBSCURE - Obscuridad Eterna (BLOOD HARVEST - 7"EP 2009)
There’s certain uniqueness and viciousness in bands, which come from such countries as Chile, Brazil or Mexico. It appears like they’re often way more uncompromising, obscure and relentless in what they do comparing to the European or American bands. And this is exactly why I really like so many acts from this area of Mid and South Americas. Infinitum Obscure quite quickly became one of my favourite bands from this region and when they invaded me with their music I just couldn’t stop banging my head and listening to it, so devastating it turned out to be. This 7”EP “Obscuridad Eterna”, which Blood Harvest unleashed in 2009, was the first thing, which I have heard from Infinitum Obscure. EPs have that special thing that usually they offer something extra and exclusive comparing them to the full length albums and “Obscuridad Eterna” is exactly like that. It offers a song called “Possessing the Fire”, which originally was already published on “Internal Dark Force” album, but this is a new version of this track, connected with a 1,5 minute long instrumental “Obscurity Rises…”, so it basically sounds almost like a new song. Then side B of the EP contains a Dissection cover “Son of the Mourning”, originally from “Into Infinite Obscurity” EP. And I guess I should also mention that “Obscuridad Eterna” is dedicated to Jon Nodtveidt, so all these things make this EP a truly unique and worthy release.
I guess that the front artwork of “Obscuridad Eterna” may be the only thing, which I don’t like about this EP. It is too colourful for my taste and I also am not so fond on such photoshop made covers. Luckily everything else about “Obscuridad Eterna” is superb. Both tracks on side A are killer. That instrumental one, “Obscurity Rises…”, is an extremely good opener, which is going to put you in the right mood instantly. I like its slow, obscure riffing a lot. “Possessing the Fire” then erupts with much faster riffing and is like a beast unleashed, ready to rip your guts out within seconds. Style wise Infinitum Obscure combines elements of thrash and even black metal into their old school death metal and I can assure you that if you’re looking for utterly dark and evil death metal, then this band will suit your taste perfectly. And what’s more, they have killer riffs, great production… Absolutely great stuff is going on here. When I listen to it I almost have a feeling like Infinitum Obscure had quite few resemblances to Hell-Born, great Polish band. The sound of both bands, as well as the vocals, is very alike. As for the Dissection cover, I must admit that “Son of the Mourning” may not be my favourite track from them, but still Infinitum Obscure nailed it perfectly. This cover is even more ferocious and brutal than the original, so the mission has been accomplished!
“Obscuridad Eterna” has been released in 500 copies, so it is possible that all of them have been sold out long time ago, but despite that I am sure that a copy will appear here and there. If you see one, then make your purchase without hesitate, as really this 7” is great. It introduced me to fantastic Mexican band and afterwards I had no choice, but quickly also bought their second LP “Sub Atris Caelis”. You better do the same, before it’s too late.
Final rate: 85/100

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