Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Lucifericon - The Occult Waters

LUCIFERICON - The Occult Waters (Self released CD 2012)
I always liked this feeling, when I get a CD or something else (tape, whatever…) from absolutely unknown band and then having absolutely no expectations whatsoever I get blown away by the music and can happily add yet another band to the collection and have one more moniker on my list of killer underground acts. This is exactly the case of Lucifericon, band which until last month I had absolutely no idea about. At first I didn’t even had much will to listen to their debut CD, probably because I just don’t like the artwork of it and I honestly thought that it may be a dull thrash metal band or something even worse, maybe a crap like tech death in the vein of Cynic… So I putted “The Occult Waters” away and instead started to listen to the new Terrorama album, which turned out to be a real fuckin killer. But finally the time came, when I had to give a listen to Lucifericon… and well, I have no doubts that this newcomer managed to shred me to pieces! This is what I call 666% real metal and this is what I call an effective debut release! It definitely is not yet another quickly forgettable stuff, but one, which will stick with me for longer! Energetic, killer riffs, obscure, dark atmosphere, great feeling... “The Occult Waters” has all these ingredients.
Lucifericon actually hails from The Netherlands, but is sort of mystique band, as there’s no info at all about the line up and the band at all. Only later on I’ve found out that the band features some musicians involved in acts like Malicious Dream, Pentacle, ex-Excision and ex-Destroyer 666. It does sound intriguing, doesn’t it? Having that in mind I can understand why this music sounds so great, as it was performed by experienced musicians, not fuckin rookies hehe. But since I still don’t know who exactly plays in Lucifericon, let’s skip this issue then, I don’t really care, the most important is that “The Occult Waters” is a very good release. If you’re into the old styled, dark and morbid death metal, in the vein of Pentacle, some Australian bands (GOTH, Destroyer 666), maybe some very early Morbid Angel stuff, Vital Remains, etc then you’ll definitely will be interested in getting Lucifericon in your stereo… With those harsh, screaming vocals their music almost has a black metal or thrashing black metal atmosphere here and there, like in this awesome opening song “The Temple of Lucifericon”. The music is savage, raw and aggressive, often quite fast or mid paced, but sometimes it also tends to be slightly more melodic, just give a listen to “Moon Over Fading Statues”. But it never fails to impress, it is constantly great and quality, so I feel really amazed. The only regret, which I have is that the whole material consists just about 20 minutes of music and I would really like to get some more songs. But I can only hope that Lucifericon will soon get some more music released, I’ll definitely keep my eyes open on this band from now on. Totally recommended!
Final rate: 85/100

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