Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Gortal - Deamonolith

GORTAL - Deamonolith (PAGAN Records - CD 2012)
Recently, when I reviewed the excellent album of Polish Kill, I wrote something like “the Ancient Gods of Death have been really generous for the Polish death metal maniacs this year (2012), bestowing them with a killer portion of great Polish death metal albums”. I listed there several bands, but somehow I didn’t mention Gortal – now I know that if I was doing this review again then Gortal would also be among those bands I mentioned, as they just released their second album and man, I am very, very impressed by it! The band really have made us wait for their another attack, as the previous CD „Blastphemous Sindecade” was released already back in 2009, but as always my appetite grows with the time and before I even got “Deamonolith” it was already huge. You could actually see saliva dropping out of my mouth, so hungry I was for this album. And here it is!!!!!!
My enthusiasm and expectations for “Deamonolith” were huge, but I am happy to say that Gortal met all of them and even exceeded the final impression, as the album turned out to be just perfect and so excellent that I kept listening to it for the past few days almost constantly and exclusively. Yeah, I really like that music and you also must listen to it, especially if you’re looking for high class death metal; one, which even equals the recordings of the mighty Immolation! Yeah, I know what I’ve just written, but this is my opinion and besides, not all Immolation albums are perfect, but I’m sure that “Deamonolith” is equally devastating as some of the releases of this American legend. I actually haven’t mentioned Immolation accidentally, as music wise quite often Gortal reminds me this band. There is quite similar, thick and heavy, almost hypnotising rhythmic on “Deamonolith” and then the music becomes almost possessing, catchy as fuck and I really mean that, but it will slit your throat and force you into the maniacal headbanging (however trivial it sounds, it is truth!). And then even the vocals of Chryste will sound like those of Mr Dolan! And this is not a complaint from my side. Take as an example this absolutely fantastic track titled “Deliver into Suffering” – probably my favourite part of “Deamonolith”, with awesome riffing it is a real killer. Another fine example would be “Supernal Refuse”!!!! This motherfucker is so slow, almost doomy, very epic, with almost melodic guitar leads here and there… arrghhhh, and again there’re some great vocals of Chryste: “There is no god!!!!!!! To get addicted!!!” – if you won’t like it, then you obviously have no idea what death metal is all about.
Another masterpiece, which I must mention here, is that epic motherfucker titled “Deamonolith”  – I guess Morbid Angel would love to have a song like this on their last album, but this really is just one of many great songs, which compile “Deamonolith”. The whole material is well diverse, so along with many slower bits you’ll also get crushed by the furious blasting, which is so dense and powerful that you can really feel the energy of death metal slaughter. So, Gortal takes many influences, not only American ones, but the final effect is tremendous and “Deamonolith” is a mature and complete record. Everything seems to be perfected in details and that also includes great production, which is powerful, clean and heavy, but doesn’t feel to be too sterile, which is a great advantage.
This is an obligatory addition to your shopping list, I’m telling you. “Deamonolith” definitely belongs to the best death metal albums of the year. Not only because it stands out among the old school and obscure styles, which dominated this year, but also with its intensity and perfectly composed songs. “Deamonolith” is strong as hell and if you’ve been smashed by the last Hour of Penance, then Gortal will complete the damage! “There is no god!!!!!! Die fuckin cunt!!!!”!!!!
Standout tracks: “Deliver into Suffering”, “Supernal Refuse”, “Deamonolith”
Final rate: 90/100

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