Friday, 21 September 2012

Undead Creep - Undead Creep

UNDEAD CREEP - Undead Creep (UNHOLY DOMAIN - demo MC 2010)
When I listen to such demos as “Undead Creep” it really evokes the feeling like I was going back in time, to the early 90’s to witness the then rising Swedish death metal scene with all those incredible bands and releases. But in case of Undead Creep it is misleading, as the band hails from Palermo, Italy, not Stockholm, Sweden and the demo was recorded in December 2009, not in 1991 hehe! But the band achieved something truly killer, managed to resurrect the spirit, the atmosphere of the old Swedish death metal recordings in excellent way. Even the production of “Undead Creep” is very similar to Sunlight Studio’s recordings; just listen to the great, fat, heavy guitar tone! Oh, I love it!
Obviously one may ask an important question, what’s the point in listening to a bare copy of the cult recordings, if bands like Undead Creep will never get so excellent and cult as say Dismember or Desultory and they’ll never be so influential and will never be the creators, but rather followers of this musical style. Well, it all depends how you look at it. Personally I don’t care about originality, as long as the music is great and in case of “Undead Creep” I can definitely say that this is truly awesome demo, so what’s the problem? Besides, in case of myself – and I hope also many other maniacs – I was a fan of this style for 20 years and for a long time I hungered for such releases, but unfortunately there were years, when not so many bands were playing this sort of stuff. There were bands like Dismember, Fleshcrawl… then Repugnant, Kaamos appeared, but it wasn’t enough for me. So with bands like Undead Creep I finally can get some more killer, quality Swedish death metal music. It is something I was hoping to get for years, because how many times per week you can listen to “Like an Ever Flowing Stream” and “Left Hand Path”?
“Undead Creep” demo offers us four tracks plus an intro. Each is filled with classic Swedish riffing, melodies, aggression and atmosphere. Those Italians really captured the essence of this style. I cannot imagine if someone who likes Dismember for instance will not like this demo, as Undead Creep composed truly awesome music. The riffing is just killer, I mean listen to the opening riff for “Ritual Slaughter” for instance… or that melodic and then moshing stuff in “Summoning the Abyss Lord”… or all those slower parts, when the music gets really fuckin heavy! It is just beautiful stuff, I mean it. I cannot believe how well the Swedish death metal has been resurrected on this demo and can only admire the band for that. So check Undead Creep out. The original demo (tape of CDr) are quite difficult to get nowadays, but the demo was released as a bonus material with the debut full length album, “The Ever Burning Torch”, on CD. Full recommendation.
Final rate: 88 / 100

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